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Are the Sendsteps products available in all countries?
In all countries the audience can vote via internet and Twitter. Besides that we have a +316-number which also can be used in all countries. In the countries listed below we provide a local number:

The Netherlands
United Kingdom
Hong Kong
New Zealand
United States
United Emirates
Is your country not on the list? Please contact us.

Short Code

In the Netherlands and United States we are able to provide you with a shortcode (short phone number) in all other countries we offer a long phone number. Below you will find some tips and tricks in how you can explain your audience how to use the long phone number.

Show in the first slide the long phone number and tell your audience to save this number
Send everybody a Text Message in advance with this number as receiver, they only have to reply. For this we have to send all phone numbers a text message in advance.
Wait a bit longer per questions until everybody filled in the number.

Are the Sendsteps products case sensitive?
No, this is not the case. Messages written with capital letters or small letter (or a combination) will all arrive.

Do participants pay for the submitted messages via Sendsteps products?
When a text message is submitted, the costs are only the usual costs for a text message charged by the provider. No extra fees are charged. It depends per provider which fee will be charged variable between € 0,00 and € 0,20. If you would like to know the exact costs, please contact the specific provider.

Sendsteps usually uses a shortcode (short phone number) 2255. It depends on the conditions of the provider if any extra fee is charged.

Messages sent via (mobile) internet and/or Twitter, no fees are charged provided that he/she has a internet subscription.

In some cases an international fee can be charged.

How are phone numbers of participants processed?
As soon as a text message arrives in our system, the phone number of the participant will be deleted. These numbers will never be shown nor transferred to the event organization.

How does Sendsteps guarantee anonymity?
Sendsteps products are completely anonymous. Sendsteps respects the anonymity of the user. Sendsteps owns protected servers in order to prevent abuse.

How many TXT messages can be send in before the system will become overloaded?
An unlimited number of messages can be send in at once, at around 3000 messages at the same time the system will overload.

How will my audience know how to send a message?
When an activation code is used in order to start a credit session, automatically an extra slide will be added to your PowerPoint presentation with a explanation for the audience. On this slide the phone number (a shorten phone number 2255) and the keyword will automatically be added. This will help your audience to understand what to do. The explanation text will always be on the bottom of each slide.

Is it possible to change the design of the Sendsteps slides?
Definitely! Our tool copies automatically the lay-out of the master slide when the Sendsteps slides are added. The master slide is the slide which is created by you in PowerPoint to make sure that you have a consistent lay-out for your presentation. Of course it is possible to change the lay-out on every slide.

The slides added by Sendsteps automatically

With voting by Send2vote: the explanation slides for the audience, the vote slide with the statement and possible answers and the result slides.
By sending in messages via Send2stage: the explanation slide for the audience and the message slide on where the send messages and remarks will appear.

Is it possible to submit with international numbers?
Yes, this is possible! This has to be announced in advance, since it requires some preparation.

Is it possible to use Send2Vote and Send2Stage on my Mac Book?
At the moment Sendsteps only runs under Microsoft Office for Windows. However, if you have an Intel Mac (any Mac released since 2007), you can use

Parallels Desktop or VMWare Fusion to run Windows and Windows applications in a virtual machine on your Mac;
Apple Bootcamp to install Windows side by side with Mac OS X.
All of these configurations are supported by us. We have a number of customers running Sendsteps on an Intel Mac in a virtualized Windows installation. If you encounter any issues while using our product, do not hesitate to contact us and we’ll be glad to help you.

We are currently planning to develop Sendsteps for Office for Mac, with an expected release date in 2015. If your company has concrete plans to switch either to Microsoft Office for Mac or iWork Keynote in the near future, please provide us with details on the number of users involved and your time frame.

Manual for administrators
Download the manual for administrators here

What do I need in order to use Sendsteps?

Internet (preferably via a fixed line)
Mobile connectivity
Projection screen, beamer, (VGA)cable
When using Sendsteps independently: Sendsteps plug-in installed on the computer you will be using on the day of the event
Mobile connectivity

A standard mobile connection is sufficient to send in via SMS. If participants will also send in via internet, normal mobile connectivity with a 3G connection via the telecom provider is sufficient. In other words, participants do not need a WiFi connection, unless there is no 3G connectivity. If it concerns an international event where participants will have to pay for their 3G connection, only then we advise to also have a WiFi connection available.

Important for internet!

Stable internet connection – essential to get reliable results in:

Normal broadband internet (cable or adsl) is more than sufficient (1Mbit up and 1Mbit down)
Fixed line in strongly recommended (usually more reliable, less influences from external factors) over WiFi
When using WiFi

With the use of WiFi it is important that enough devices (smartphones/laptops/tablets) can log in on the same WiFi network. The speed of the WiFi is mainly not the problem but the amount of connection often is. Make sure that enough devices on location can access the WiFi. This means if your audience is 200 persons big and you prefer to use the WiFi instead of their 3G network that the WiFi should be able to handle 200 devices.

Besides this it has our preference that the Sendsteps computer is logged into another WiFi network then the audience is.

What is a keyword?
With this word the audience starts its message. Via this way Sendsteps knows which messages are linked to which presentation. It you reserved the keyword ‘Screen’ all message starting with ‘Screen’ and send to the Sendsteps number will be put through to you. When there will be a vote via text message, all messages have to start with this keyword followed by space and the answer (a,b or c).

What is an activation code?
This is a code which you need to activate your credit session. When this is activated it is possible to receive messages submitted by the audience. Your country, phone number, keyword, date and audience size are linked to the receive activation code. A activation code is a valid for 1 day (24 hours, from 00:00 until 00:00) You can request your activation code online via Sendsteps

What is the difference between a free session and a credit session?
You can use both versions with the same plug-in. The difference is that when you start a session you either have to choose whether you would like to start a free or a credit session.
With the free session you can test Sendsteps up to 20 people. For a bigger audience you need a activation code for the credit session, you can get the this via the contact form on Sendsteps.

*Vote via Send2vote

How do I make sure that the votes are integrated into my presentation and that results are visible?
Votes will only come in once the presentation is in presentation modes and you are on the voting slide. From that moment votes will come in automatically. On this moment voting is possible. Once you go to the next slide the lines will close again. When you have multiple questions behind each other for your audience, this will not cause any problems. When you go to the next slide the lines of slide one will close and the lines of the next slide will open. The results are only visible once the presentation is in presentation modes.

How long will it take before the results are visible on the screen?
All answers come in within 1 second. It depends how long the audience needs to send their message. Which is helpful is to start with an easy example question which everybody has to answer at the beginning. With this way everybody will understand how it works and it will become easier to answer the more serious questions.

How many answers can you insert per statement/question?
As many as you want. When you add a statement/question de answer possibilities are limited. When you would like to place more answer possibilities you have to go to the specific slide within the answer box and add more answer possibilities. Please note that it does not become cluttered.

How will the results be displayed?

Is it possible to add statements to my PowerPoint presentation, save the presentation on a USB and then open it on another computer?
Yes, this is possible! The only thing you need is the tool installed on the computer from where you would like to open the presentation. If this is not the case, you can easily download it via Sendsteps

Is it possible to display the results of the questions/statements later?
Yes, this is possible! You can easily move the result slides to a preferred spot in the presentation.

Is it possible to start a previous presentation that already included votes from the audience?
Yes, this is possible! You can restart old presentations as many times as you want. When you activate your presentation to start voting, you will be asked if you would like to delete old results which are still in the result slides. Another possibility is to delete the results manually by clicking the button ‘Delete Results’.

Is there a minimum number of responses necessary to show the results on the screen?
No, this is not necessary. There is a vote counter on the slide. This counter will increase once votes will come in. The presenter will see how many people voted yet. When this disappoints, the presenter can motivate the audience in order to vote. The audience will notify that something is happening and will become more motivated. When the vote counter stops, you know all messages are in.

What is the advantage over using voting machines?
No more voting machines have to be hired or purchased because every participant makes use of its own mobile phone. Explanation of (sometimes difficult) voting machines, deposit paid in advance, recharge batteries or the transport of these machines is all unnecessary now. Above that, you do not have to focus on the return of the voting machines or that participants might take them with them which could lead to unpleasant costs.

Besides all this, currently everybody has a mobile phone, a world without this communication tool is impossible to imagine. By using this innovative way of voting, you show to be sophisticated which will positively influence you image and you show to be aware of the trends and the ability to apply them.

Will all results be stored and is it possible to share them with others afterwards?
Yes, this is possible! When all voting rounds took place and you are finished with your presentation you can save your PowerPoint presentation, like you always do. When you open your PowerPoint presentation the next time, the chart will contains all the results of all voting rounds. You can use these charts, online, via intranet, as a attachment in an e-mail or in whatever you prefer.

*Send in messages via Send2stage

At which moment can you send in you response?
*At which moment can you send in you response?

When you are adding a new slide select the options menu or click the edit message slide button to change this setting to one these two options :

Option 1: From the first slide until passing this message slide.

This means people can respond to this message slide, from the beginning of the slideshow until you pass this slide.

Option 2: Only while this message slide is showing.

This means people can only respond to this message slide when the slide is showing on the screen.

View a example of how this works inside a presentation:


Slide 3 is a message slide with the second option enabled to show only when it’s on the display.
Slide 6 and 9 are message slides with the option selected to show from the beginning slide until the slide has been passed.

Each color shows how the slides are related, as you can see in the example slide 3 is only open when you show slide 3. Message slide 6 is open from slide 1 to 2 and 4 to 5 and slide 9 will be open from slide 7 and 8.

Do I control the process of publishing answers on the screen?
With Send2Stage you have a moderator screen. Here all messages will come in and you can decide which messages you would like to show on the screen. This gives you the opportunity to filter inappropriate messages.