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Are you preparing for an interactive presentation with Sendsteps? Here you can find tips and tricks to ensure you’re all set for your upcoming presentation!


Why your cultural identity determines your decisions

Sitting between Susan and Jose in Monday meetings and working alongside Adina and Takeshi on the new project give you a perfect overview of cultural differences in the business world. What makes communication effective? How can you speed up the decision-making process? We created a culture guide to help you find the best way of…


How powerful questions inspire you to grow

We watched 35 videos to help you ask better questions, and then selected the 5 most useful and inspiring of them. To save you time you’ll find a summary for each one below. These videos try to make you a better listener, questioner, and leader….


From Roosevelt to Obama: how tech innovations renewed political communication

Political communication in the 20th century has been drastically changed because of technological innovations. Our timeline shows how these innovations transformed the way politicians talk to us. This timeline is created by Szandra Karacsony. Sendsteps makes free PPT software that allows your audience to vote and send messages live on your slides using their phone.…


This interactive map of leadership styles will make you a smarter leader

[drawattention] Is an effective leader visionary or democratic? Maybe both? We believe that the most successful leaders are able to adapt their leadership styles to business situations and they can switch among leadership styles as needed. Different management style is suited for strategic planning process and crisis management. Powerful leaders can also behave differently in…


Sendsteps is looking for Sales Executives & Developers

With a growing demand and our continuous eagerness to innovate, we’re looking for bright souls, happy campers and clever brains. Join our young, yet highly professional team and experience how it is to work with a product that has such a strong influence on how we meet and communicate during events. You’ll be part of the…


Best Practise | Sendsteps use at Miele

At Miele Netherlands, Sendsteps is mainly being used to examine employees and to collect feedback to improve future meetings. Seraar de Beijer, Manager Technology & Training at Miele Netherlands, tells us more. Examining Miele Netherlands organizes regular internal meetings for their employees, whereby Sendsteps is actively used for examining purposes. “We discuss new developments within…


Delicate theme, cool approach!

  “Instead of making diversity politically correct, you feel the innovation vibe”. During the Innoversity Parade more than 500 professionals talked about diversity within the Dutch public broadcasting sector. Sendsteps was there to enable the audience to ask questions, for example to the former director of Al-Jazeera!