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ISO27001: Highest level data security

It’s not unusual for a lot of confidential information to be exchanged during meetings. Take for example meetings during which significant decisions are made, reorganization is discussed, or a private meeting where important visitors such as shareholders, CEOs or ministers cast a vote. It’s most often these kinds of meetings that use Sendsteps’ software. Not…


The art of letting go

Last year, Sendsteps has grown significantly again. Not just almost 40% in turnover, but professionally too. The past quarter we focussed on Holacracy. In short this means that responsibilities are clearly divided, and all points of contact within Sendsteps are obvious. This creates more autonomy, and clarity whom to turn to with which issue. Personal…


Getting started – What do I need?

Are you preparing for an interactive presentation with Sendsteps? Here you can find the technical specifications to ensure you’re all set for your upcoming presentation!