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2015-01-21_1038Last year, Sendsteps has grown significantly again. Not just almost 40% in turnover, but professionally too. The past quarter we focussed on Holacracy. In short this means that responsibilities are clearly divided, and all points of contact within Sendsteps are obvious. This creates more autonomy, and clarity whom to turn to with which issue. Personal empowerment is extremely important to keep employees happy and alert in their jobs. It helps us to develop as a team and to come closer to each other. Team members are trusted to make their own decisions, and I myself experience more space by letting go. I’m here mainly to provide a framework and playing field within which we can move. Within this space everybody can decide for themselves what to do. It’s great! For both me and the team.

We also used this approach during our end of the year meeting. This time I wasn’t the one to present our achievements of the past year and goals for the coming one. Instead, every department sat down separately to make an overview. It was great to see how hard everybody worked and what they presented eventually. To conclude this extraordinary afternoon, I reproduced and summarised all presented goals. The will and ambition in the whole team is huge. And I’m here as a sparring partner for whoever needs it.

And as I in this approach get more space to move too, new opportunities rise for Sendsteps. The coming time I will concentrate on shareholder meetings and annual licenses for companies. And immerse myself in the suggested plans for further growth.  It has become clear that we’ll grow with 54% this year. As long as we don’t do anything crazy. But then, I like doing crazy things so who knows what might happen.


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