At Miele Netherlands, Sendsteps is mainly being used to examine employees and to collect feedback to improve future meetings. Seraar de Beijer, Manager Technology & Training at Miele Netherlands, tells us more.

Miele Netherlands organizes regular internal meetings for their employees, whereby Sendsteps is actively used for examining purposes. “We discuss new developments within our product lines and directly test the knowledge of our colleagues with use of Sendsteps”, says De Beijer.

“We let the delegates log in with their names, so we can see in the back-end which answers are given per individual. This way we gain valuable insights and last but not least: we save a lot of time by not having to check the tests manually”.

Feedback next meeting
Next to examining, Miele also uses the Sendsteps tool to collect feedback for their future meetings. Delegates can drop their thoughts and ideas in the end, which Seraar and his colleagues use to improve the following get-together. “We like to keep an open mind and we therefore welcome feedback from our attendees. We learn from it and it helps us forward”.

Looking for more inspiration regarding Sendsteps within your company? Please send an e-mail to pieter@sendsteps.com – we’re happy to think along!

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