As a speaker or chairman at an event you want to engage your audience. Here’s an example on how to do so:

Rackspace Innovation Day

Late January, Rackspace organised the Rackspace Innovation Day. Two speakers approached the subject of Big Data and how to deal with it successfully within your company. Quite the technical subject matter which raised a lot of questions. Erik Peekel of Ahaaaa! the Actor Factory, was present as chairman of the day. He lead the discussions during and after the presentations. Throughout the presentations there were a few challenges, which you might recognize:

  • Inviting the audience: No matter if your audience is outspoken or not, many find it difficult to raise questions or share their opinions when they’re in a large group. How was this audience invited to speak up?
  • The right questions: How could the chairman ask the most relevant and essential questions for this specific IT audience?

Why Sendsteps?

Anonimity is an important aspect of the Sendsteps tool to invite delegates to talk freely. At the Rackspace Innovation Day, the audience could send in questions anonymously. ‘I received these anonymous questions on my tablet,’ Erik Peekel explains. ‘It helped me to select the right questions, and you could really notice that there was a low threshold for the audience to ask them. It really worked!’

So by giving the audience a voice, the crowd assisted in raising interesting points throughout the day. As such Sendsteps also supports you as a chairman, even if you yourself don’t belong to the incrowd. In a short time many issues were discussed, which made the audience, speakers and chairman look back on a very valuable afternoon!

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