Managers are becoming redundant. A bold statement, that is slowly but surely getting more support. It’s an approach I believe in. And since late last year, I’ve been working towards this more and more within Sendsteps. In my previous blog I already indicated how we use personal empowerment to enhance employees’ happiness, and create clarity regarding everybody’s responsibilities. When focussing on these points, three things are very important: A good relationship with your co-workers, the right workload and the level of challenge. To support this, I’ve introduced the following:

Feedback from the whole team: Everybody fills out this feedback form on their co-workers. This includes tips and tops, and an overall appreciation. Everybody does this for seven co-workers, and shouldn’t take more than 45 minutes. It’s fantastic to see how this produces clear feedback. For an easy overview, all of the feedback is put in one document and is sent to the entire team.

We took time on a Friday afternoon to go through it all and to receive further clarifications. It was great; the perfect way to grow as an individual and as a team. And what a wonderful contribution to our job satisfaction!

Goals per category: Finally, we all set quarterly goals, divided in four categories:

  • Personal goal
  • Customer oriented goal
  • Team goal
  • Organisation goal: Sales / IT / Marketing / Finance

All these goals are discussed with me for consistency. And also so I can function as a sounding board and find out what everybody’s ambitions are. At the end of every quarter, all goals will be reflected on to see if they were obtained. I made 50% of the distribution of profit dependant on this. That way, there’s a balance between working for your own personal goals, and those for the company. This is what we do to keep ourselves sharp. And I’m very happy to see that this contributes to how fantastically we’re growing as a team!

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