We often send out questionnaires after meetings. But we’re rarely happy with the response as it’s usually minimal. The day after an event, visitors easily pick up their daily routine. This can make for frustrations since so much time has been spend on both the event and the questionnaire. Sendsteps can help you to approach this differently. How?

  • Formulate a questionnaire before your event
  • Publish the questionnaire live on the Sendsteps response website
  • Reserve 3 minutes of your program for the questionnaire right there, on the spot
  • Ask your audience a few questions and get instant feedback

This way you won’t have the hassle of sending out e-mails, but will still easily get an 80% response rate! The results won’t appear on the presentation screen, but only you’ll have access to the data online or in a PDF or Excel file. Please click here to see an example. If you’re inspired to conduct your questionnaire in the same way, then please let us know.

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