For a big, worldwide operating company, Sendsteps is the way to acquire feedback on its management teams and (corporate) culture clashes. This company sends out one of its employees to travel across the globe and facilitate internal workshops for its international offices. Everywhere he goes, he asks the same questions about the management teams, internal processes, bottlenecks, and miscommunications. What are the benefits of such workshops, and how does Sendsteps support them?


  • Exposing bottlenecks: Unclear what the problem is? In that case, it’s going to be hard to find a solution. Let employees expose bottlenecks and issues. That way you can take timely action to steer your business in the right direction.
  • Map out differences: Processes and rules on interaction in the workplace may differ per culture. Not only on an international level, but even per office. Clarity about this may improve collaboration and processes.
  • Prevention is better than cure: By actively asking for feedback, management will stay in touch with what’s happening in the workplace. This way, bottlenecks can be prevented, which makes for content employees.

How does Sendsteps support this process?

  • Anonymity creates freedom: Hand a mic to the audience, and chances are you won’t get a lot of feedback. But let your audience send in feedback anonymously, and who know you’ll get some valuable information.
  • Schematic conclusions: We can create graphs from the answers of any number of (multiple choice) questions. These can offer schematic overviews of strengths, insights, chances and risks for your company.
  • From interaction to action: So, anonymity can create more feedback and interaction, which then can be schematically mapped out. These results can directly lead to positive action and change in the workplace.

    Asking for, and offering honest feedback takes guts and vulnerability. Both for the giver and the receiver. But however confronting, it may be gold for your company. And Sendsteps would happily help you in this process.

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