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It’s not an easy task. Organizing an event and catering to everyone’s interests and needs. Through social media and through many offline events, most people already have seen and heard a lot. When organizing an event it is easy to put standards high, but at times it can be a challenge to execute to that level.

Yet, why organize an event alone? Your target audience consist out of different profiles: customers, employees, citizens or other types of stakeholders. What makes them tick? Once you’ve identified your event theme, it makes it much easier to involve your audience. Not on the event day itself, but already weeks ahead. Making them part of your event preparations. Engage them and get inspired!

Your audience | Before your event starts

Of course you’d like to surprise your attendees and as such not give away too much ahead of the event. Yet, there are some ingredients that are easier to explore together with your audience. Of which in doing so, will result in a stronger event proposition:

  • The theme of your event: The more in-depth you’d like to approach a theme, the easier you make it yourself by finding out what people already know about it [e.g. climate control in office spaces during an event about sustainability]. Or to figure out what their personal opinion is on matters [e.g. integrity in the banking sector during an event about business ethics].Important In advance the findings can be shared with the speakers of the event. It will give them insight in what people already know. As such they can cut in Powerpoint slides or adjust their storyline in the days ahead of the event. On the event itself it is then often a strong kick-off to hear a speaker briefly telling about what he already knows about an audience. Once informed, the speakers and their stories to share, are to a large extend aligned with the audience’s expectations.
  • The speakers of your event: Not only can you consult your audience about their opinions and knowledge level. You can also find out which speaker they’d like to hear. Either as an open question, or steered with suggestions. Let the audience maybe not decide on all speakers, but say half of them. As such you can also promote your event with your potential audience as being a “tailor-made” event!
How far would you like to go? Obviously every detail can be discussed in advance. From venue to lunch. Yet the big ingredients might be worth exploring the most. Once you get a sense of those ingredients, from there often other practicalities become clearer by themselves.

How to consult your audience?

With the survey feature of Sendsteps you can easily setup an online survey. On a webpage you can formulate different type of multiple choice- and open questions. In any amount and in any order you’d like. In either a basic branding, or in your company’s design.

Once done, you can send it out to all your [potential] attendees. Throughout the survey period you can keep track of the responses in an online dashboard. You can easily generate reports to then send to your speakers or share with your team and as such brief everybody who is involved.

Your audience | After the event

We all know the online surveys after an event took place. We’re often already busy again with other activities. Catching up emails for instance after a busy conference day. Therefore it is wise to evaluate your event on the spot. By asking your audience just a few questions before they leave the venue. Keep it short and simple:

  • On a scale from 1 [poor] to 10 [excellent], how would you rate today’s event?
  • How likely do you consider to attend next year’s edition?
  • Can you share with us at least one point for improvement?

The above questions can be pretty much applied to any event. The outcome is truly helpful in evaluating the success of the event and of course to improve any next edition!

Interesting Offering unique event experiences can be to a great extend created when involving your most important stakeholders: the audience. Turn them into co-creators. And eventually into your best ambassadors. What would you like to know from them?

Please let us know if you need any assistance with the setup and execution of your Sendsteps Survey! We’re there to give you some inspiration and to help you with getting your survey out!

About the author

Robert DaverschotModerator | Presenter | Speaker Coach

Robert is a professional moderator, presenter and speaker coach. Robert has years of experience at home and abroad and works for a broad range of industries. He has interviewed ministers, captains of industry and even His Holiness the Dalai Lama. In his dealings with the audience, he always uses Sendsteps. With it, an audience is able to voice their opinions, whereby attendees can cast votes or send in comments to speakers and panels on stage. As such, events turn into lively dialogues with everyone being able to speak up!

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