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8 Tips for formulating powerful statements

Spicy discussions. They’re fruitful for every organization. And an event is a great context to facilitate this: by means of a panel discussion or a debate. A good discussion starts with a well formulated statement. Easier said than done. That’s why we’re happy to share 8 tips on formulating powerful statements.


7 Important Tips To Help You With Public Speaking Skills

Most people are unable to speak to huge crowds; others are uncomfortable to even address small group meetings of less than 50 people. When offered opportunities to speak in public, such people opt to decline or when they are forced by circumstances to speak, they are unable to express themselves clearly. If you are one of these people, you need to work on your public speaking skills if you are to succeed in your career and life in general.


7 Tips for your next public speaking assignment

Everyone, no matter how talented, will experience some sort of public speaking nerves. To start with: this is a good thing. A little tension will make your mind sharp and your performance strong. Nonetheless, fear of course should never get the overhand. Here are 7 tips that will help you to manage your fears for public speaking:


7 Tips for organizing year-round events

When organizing more than only the annual stakeholder event for your organization, then it can be challenging to align the several events throughout the year. The following 7 tips will help you to offer an event range that is consistent in its message and attractive to attend.


Event ingredient: a debate?!

Many event professionals will tell you that “interaction” is an important ingredient for an event. A debate is one of the strongest examples of interaction. Yet, it’s often not part of an event program.


From networking nerves to networking vibes!

Have you ever experienced the nerves when you go to a business event where you don’t know anyone? 85% of all the people find it challenging to network, for example: walking up to strangers, starting a chat and discuss business. This is a pity, because it prevents you from attracting new clients and business opportunities.


How to tackle loneliness in the city?

It’s one of these subjects that isn’t always easy to talk about: loneliness. Yet, in many countries and many cities, it is a growing problem. Also in different cities in The Netherlands. One of them, the city of Assen, organized a special meeting with both citizens and professionals representing different sectors [e.g. healthcare, education, churches, municipal authorities etc.]. About 75 people attended an interactive session, that resulted in concrete actions.


Survey Questions

It’s not an easy task. Organizing an event and catering to everyone’s interests and needs. Through social media and through many offline events, most people already have seen and heard a lot.

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