Give a room full of people a voice so that speakers and their audience can come closer together. This was the starting point of Sendsteps for me…

I regularly attend presentations, ranging from inhouse meetings to big events. It’s interesting to see how speakers often present their story without engaging the audience. As a listener, you might recognize the feeling of nodding off during a talk, stifling a yawn, or holding back questions you have. And afterwards you realize you missed half of what was said. If, however, you’re invited to engage, chances are the information will stick and your valuable time will be used optimally.

When in a group, people often feel they need permission to ask questions or give feedback. Especially when the speaker is a person that holds a certain authority, for example a boss, the Dalai Lama or a president. With Sendsteps I want to give this permission and invite people to interact. We create the tools and with it the atmosphere for speakers to ask questions, and encourage the audience to share their response. This way, information will come across more clearly and the speaker will instantly know what reactions were triggered.

I’m happy to see that this, more active, way of presenting is becoming more frequent. But my goal is to motivate even more people to explore their presentation style. With changes come barriers, insights and learning moments. The coming time I’ll share with you what I come across on my path towards that goal!

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