Case 07

Any other business?
The audience provides live input
during a panel discussion.

Case 07: For learning and involvement

An interview with several guests at a panel is a common format for an audience to take in information. But why limit the conversation to the information coming from the panel, when there is much more information to be had from the audience? By allowing the audience to react to a number of multiple-choice questions on a screen throughout the panel, and then showing the results, you can gain valuable input for the discussion. The discussion can also be stimulated by the Sendsteps Sidekick, who’ll regularly bring up real-time audience comments.


App builders receive input from their
customers during a panel interview.

During the FRESH Conference in Copenhagen, an annual international meeting for event managers, six app developers gathered on a panel. The developers, who develop apps for the event industry, discussed the apps with a moderator. The audience consisted of app customers: event managers. The guests took their places on the panel. The Sendsteps Sidekick regularly interrupted the discussion with input from the audience and a number of delegates introduced statements to the rest of the audience. The moderator asked the panel guests to comment on the statements as well.
One of the statements was:

Event apps are not sufficiently user-friendly”
A) Agree
B) Disagree


The audience, mainly entrepreneurs, responded enthusiastically and a lively interplay ensued between the Sidekick and the speaker. Throughout her presentation, provocative questions were thrown out to her. This resulted in some great new ideas for the company. After the presentation, the audience remarked how they loved that they could participate directly in the presentation. The speaker stated that she would use the responses to improve her next presentation.

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