Branding & Design

Your Branded Response Website

If audience interaction is important to you, or you would like the personal touch, then an interactive presentation deserves its own look and feel. Apply company branding, including your own colour scheme and logo, to your response website to leave a lasting impression.

Your Logo and Colours

Send us your company colours and logo and we’ll create a customized response website with your own look and feel!

Your Web Address

Include your company name in the URL of the response website. Impress your audience with a memorable URL for better results.

Manage Branding Yourself

When you are in charge of an interactive presentation regularly, then you might wish to use different designs for your response website. The Sendsteps Dashboard allows you to change the design yourself!

Your Branded Add-in

If audience engagement and interaction is important to your organization, then the audience response system can be fully designed into the company’s look and feel. Besides the response website, also the software itself carries your company name and design.

Display the Company Name

The PowerPoint add-in carries your name, just as if it had been developed by you. Take credit for an audience response system that allows you to do great things with your audience!

Branded PowerPoint Slides

Each question and result slide that you add to your interactive presentation will carry your logo and colours. Quick, simple and professional!

Branded Pop-Ups

The Sendsteps audience response system uses pop-up notifications that can carry corporate branding as well as providing tailored information. Expose your users to your company name as they prepare to give an interactive presentation.

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