Shareholder- and General Meetings

Sendsteps can facilitate proactive voting during shareholder- and general meetings. Pre-assign voting rights to designated individuals and let the audience securely cast their vote.

Identified votes

By issuing unique login codes, you can allow your audience to cast one or more votes via their own device

Weighted voting

Everyone may not have the same voting rights. Individual attendees can therefore be pre-assigned with weighted voting rights. It is easy to process onsite changes.

Proxy voting

Members and shareholders that cannot be present during the meeting can permit another attendee to cast a vote on their behalf. This way you’re able to gather everybody’s vote.

Any type of question

Any type of statement, multiple choice- or open question can be answered by your audience. Every attendee, or just a selected group, is able to respond.

Fully flexible

Latecomers that still want to vote? Adding or adjusting questions onsite? Or last-minute changes to voting rights, authorization or login codes; everything is possible.

Direct results

All responses are instantly available and ready for publication on the presentation screen. As soon as the meeting has ended, you’ll have full access to all of the results!

Sendsteps License

Would you like to facilitate your regular in-house meetings with an audience response system? The Sendsteps License provides unlimited use of Sendsteps throughout the year to you and your colleagues. Set up your own interactive presentation and engage your stakeholders and employees. Make interaction a hallmark of your organization!

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5 Benefits

Professional onsite support

Shareholder- and General Meetings are a special type of meeting. Our onsite support is specialised in these kinds of setups. We facilitate voting and interaction for a large number of renomated organisations.

No need for hardware

Make use of the technology that attendees already know and carry with them: their mobile phone, tablet or laptop. There’s no download needed and attendees can start immediately.

Make last-minute changes

Although we’ll prepare everything for you, we can still process last-minute changes for you. This flexibility is a must for meetings of such great importance.

Deal with additional questions

Besides voting, the audience is also able to send in open responses and questions; e.g. during an annual meeting. Deal with all the questions or just a selection of the most important.

A modern approach

The use of your own device, realtime publication in your organisation’s style, and the user-friendliness will all underline your innovative approach!

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