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Live polling in PowerPoint

Do you find it difficult to stimulate your audience during a PowerPoint presentation? And do you not receive any feedback from them on the questions you ask? Live polling in PowerPoint is a powerful tool to get direct feedback from your audience. The PowerPoint add-in from Sendsteps makes it possible!

With an online poll in your PowerPoint presentation you can ask challenging questions to excite your audience. You can also organize Q&A sessions to generate new ideas for your business. Our tool creates a playful interaction between the speaker and the audience. That gives you great insights. With an online poll you know exactly what is going on with your audience. This way you benefit from their knowledge!

Why Sendsteps live polling in PowerPoint?

Sendsteps is used in more than 50 countries, by more than 1000 professionals per day. This is why people rely on Sendsteps:

  • Honest feedback from your audience
  • Real-time results
  • Completely anonymous
  • Easy to work with – it is PowerPoint-based!
  • No more voting boxes required
  • 100% data security
  • Apply your own design and branding

Create online poll: get started quickly!

With the Sendsteps PowerPoint add-in you can quickly create an online poll. If you do not have a Sendsteps account yet, register here for free so you can start presenting interactively in a few minutes. As a speaker, you just need to do the following:

  1. Formulate your questions in PowerPoint;
  2. Share the online poll with your audience;
  3. Get real-time insight into all the results of your online poll.
Big group playing a quiz

With an online poll everyone can join

Taking part in an online poll is very easy. Your audience can use their smartphone, tablet and even laptop to respond to your questions. You only need an internet connection. Because of Sendsteps, voting boxes belong to the past!

Realtime results

With an online poll you can see the answers of the audience in real time. You will see all of this on your presentation screen. Immediately after your session you will have access to a detailed report. It contains all public questions and the corresponding feedback. Are there any questions unanswered? Because of the report you can have it provided with an answer later.

All data from your online poll 100% secured

The privacy and security of your audience’s user data is our highest priority. That is why you do not have to worry about the security of your data when using Sendsteps.

Voting is completely anonymous and cannot be traced back to a person. This is set by default for every presentation. Do you have a Q&A session with your team where it is necessary to be able to trace individual votes? Then turn on the non-anonymous mode. This will give you an even better insight into the feedback from your audience.

All votes, by text message or via the internet, are securely stored. All data that is exchanged via Sendsteps is encrypted. This means that no one from outside can view the data. Moreover, it is possible to purchase a secure private server from Sendsteps to further secure your interactive presentation. All communication between audience and speaker is therefore 100% guaranteed.

5 tips to make your online poll better

  • Keep the questions short and simple
  • Ask questions that are relevant to your audience
  • Keep the rating scales consistent
  • Check your online poll before the presentation
  • Test the internet connection in the room

Online poll: test it completely free today!

Create a free account today and discover the benefits of Sendsteps yourself. You are not committed to anything! After downloading the PowerPoint add-in, you can immediately start creating an online poll. Also, in our free version you can ask unlimited questions to your audience. Start presenting interactively and download Sendsteps here for free

Create an online poll with Sendsteps, we are more than happy to help you!

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