Interactive Presentation

Engage your audience during your interactive presentation. Give your audience the possibility to respond through web and SMS and create a valuable dialogue.

Interactive Presentation with powerpoint

Sendsteps is easy to operate within PowerPoint. Simply add questions to your new or current presentation. During your actual presentation you can enable your audience to respond through tablet and smartphone. Responses on multiple choice questions will appear instantly, whereas open content can be filtered first before shown on the presentation screen. From here you can easily start a dialogue and at the same time capture valuable data.

An easy dialogue with an interactive presentation

Most people don’t dare to ask a question in public. As such you might lose valuable insights. Facilitating an interactive presentation with Sendsteps, allows you to tap into the knowledge and experience present. It’s not only the presenter’s view that matters, but to create awareness and support, you’ll also need the input from your audience. Sendsteps therefore not only adds value in the moment, but also after your event. Valuable data can be interpreted and used for a logic follow up, like round table sessions, intranet publications and press releases.

Your data is safe

The audience feedback might not only be valuable for you, but also for others that aren’t entitled to obtain your session results. We give the privacy and protection of user data the highest priority. We partner with experts in data security. Banks, governments and large international corporations trust us with their information. During an interactive presentation, every single exchange between the audience and speaker is 100% safe with Sendsteps.

Interactive audience

Your interactive presentation creates an interactive audience. How can you make your audience interactive? Let it be part of the conversation. Interactive audience means that participants are not only able to answer your multiple choice questions but also eager to send in questions and opinions. With Sendsteps, you can get valuable feedback from your interactive audience and your event will be eventful for everyone.

Filter the most relevant contributions

When a large audience will provide you with feedback and interesting questions, it might be a challenge to decide on the spot which comment will be discussed. The Moderator Panel allows you easy access to all received messages and helps you to make a selection of those messages that you wish to be discussed. Alternatively you can work with the Sendsteps Sidekick. During your interactive presentation, he’ll make a selection of the most interesting remarks and will give live feedback to the speakers onstage. As such you’ll make sure to get the most out of audience interaction with you interactive powerpoint.

Consultants of Audience Interaction

At Sendsteps we see hundreds of events taking place every year. We know how to engage and shape participation whatever the size of your audience. We can advise on how best engage your audience using an interactive presentation. We can help you to formulate great questions. We can even facilitate the meeting for you!

More information?

Do-it yourself or with onsite support

We offer a simple solution that you can easily execute on your own. You can download it and with help of the manual and video tutorial you can setup your own interactive presentation in just a few clicks. If for whatever reason you don’t want or can’t execute the tool on your own, then we can always assist you. Send us your interactive PowerPoint template and questions in advance and we’ll set everything up for you. On the day of your presentation we’ll be onsite to assist you from A till Z. At the end of your presentation you always have direct access to the results. We’ll make sure to send you your session results straight after your interactive presentation!


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