WordCloud in PowerPoint

WordClouds are the way to visualize comments, thoughts, emotions and ideas from the entire audience. Ideal when there is not enough time to let everyone speak in person. Especially with presentations on complex topics, or when there are shared feelings among the audience, a Word Cloud in PowerPoint can provide instant live insights.

A standard WordCloud is a static image, but with the free WordCloud generator from Sendsteps you can create dynamic images. With a WordCloud all submitted words from the audience are visible. You ask the question, the audience responds via their telephone and together you see that opinions become a work of art. Words grow or shrink with every new reaction. Invite the audience to your WordCloud in PowerPoint and discover what you can make together!

Benefits of a WordCloud in PowerPoint

Sendsteps as a free WordCloud generator is used in more than 75 countries, by more than 1,000 professionals per day. And that is not without reason. The WordCloud generator from Sendsteps:

  • Provides honest feedback from your audience;
  • Reveals deeper feelings about complex topics;
  • Is fully integrated in PowerPoint;
  • Gives you real-time results;
  • Is completely anonymous;
  • Works without voting boxes;
  • Is 100% secure.

WordCloud generator: get started quickly!

With the Sendsteps PowerPoint add-in you can quickly create a WordCloud in PowerPoint. Do you not have a Sendsteps account yet? Register here for free so that you can start right away with your own interactive presentation and WordCloud in PowerPoint. As a speaker you only have to do the following:

  • Formulate your open questions in PowerPoint;
  • Share this with your audience;
  • Get real-time all results in a WordCloud.

Everybody can join when using a free WordCloud generator

Often one microphone is not enough to gauge the opinion of the entire audience. With a WordCloud in PowerPoint everyone can cast their vote. All they need is a smartphone, tablet or laptop with an internet connection. Ask the questions and be surprised by the answers of your audience!

Create a WordCloud in PowerPoint: results are immediately visible

As soon as the audience answers your open questions, these answers are immediately visible. The WordCloud changes dynamically based on the frequency of certain words. The more often an answer is submitted, the bigger the word is in the WordCloud. Imagine the impact of the WordCloud when hundreds of answers are given by your audience.

Data is anonymous and 100% secure

Your audience participation is completely anonymous. The answers are therefore not personal. This will allow your audience to share their thoughts, feelings and emotions faster. In this way making a WordCloud with a group becomes a lot easier. If you want to view the personal answers, switch on the non-anonymous mode. In addition, it is good to know that all data is stored securely via any device. The communication between you and your audience is always properly locked and not available to others.

Seven useful tips to make your WordCloud better:

  • Ask open questions;
  • Simple questions ensure better WordClouds;
  • Give clear instructions; one word per answer;
  • Ask for thoughts, emotions, preferences etc;
  • With a smaller audience provide unlimited answer options for a varied WordCloud;
  • Limit the number of entries to one if you ask for one opinion, so the WordCloud will remain valid;
  • Make sure you have enough time to inspire each other with answers.

Sendsteps WordCloud generator: test it completely for free!

Curious about what your WordCloud in PowerPoint will look like? Discover it at your next presentation. With the free download of the PowerPoint add-in, you can start with a WordCloud today. With a subscription you are not committed to anything. Start with interactive presentation and download the Sendsteps WordCloud generator online here

Create a WordCloud with Sendsteps? We would love to help you!

Do you find it difficult to formulate the right questions for your WordCloud? Sendsteps is happy to help. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know what works and what doesn’t. In that case, please contact us.

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