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Live powerpoint polling

Spark a lively audience dialogue by using Sendsteps polling software!
A free trial account will give you instant access to the most advanced powerpoint response system available.


How to poll your audience in Powerpoint with Sendsteps?

Your audience can participate without the need of downloading an app; a text or a reply on a response website will do. These 3 steps will get you going; you’ll be up and running in no time:

Install the Sendsteps Powerpoint add-in

  • Setup your online account: your account will give access to user info, session results and gives you the possibility to edit details for your interactive presentation.
  • Upon completion of the account, the powerpoint software will download automatically.
  • Within a few seconds Sendsteps is seamlessly integrated into your Powerpoint.

You are now one step away from polling your audience. You’ll notice that throughout the interactive session, no app will be needed. Not for the presenter, nor for the audience. Sendsteps can be used realtime with only an internet connection needed!

Create a polling slide in your powerpoint

  • Formulate your first question and as such create a polling slide into your powerpoint presentation with help of the Sendsteps add-in.
  • The question will appear in two-fold: on an actual question slide and onto a result slide. For both slides a default template is used. Because of the integration with powerpoint, you can edit every single detail of the slide [fonts, pictures, colors etc.]!
  • Start your live polling by going through the instruction slide. This will tell your audience on how to use the response system, via either their smartphone, tablet or cell phone.

Show the live results!

  • As attendees cast their vote, the vote counter will start to show the number of incoming replies.
  • Click through to the next slide and show the actual results! A great moment to start an interesting audience dialogue!
  • After your presentation the results are automatically stored. As such you can always look back the results, analyze data and share outcomes with your stakeholders. This is all possible within your online Sendsteps dashboard.

Data security

All the data exchanged during your interactive session is protected. Attendees can be sure of their responses being kept anonymous. The Sendsteps software complies with the ISO27001 standards; the international guideline for data protection.

Tailor-made design

Edit every design detail on your powerpoint slide and choose from a large selection of graph types. Next to that, you can also edit the design of the response website. Add a logo and apply your own URL!

Powerpoint integration

No need to follow classes for a new product. Work in an environment that you’re already used to. Since Sendsteps is fully integrated into Powerpoint, there’s no need to switch during your live presentation with stand-alone applications.

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Get help with creating interactive event

Next to assistance in the practical use of the tool, we also help you to setup your interactive event. We help you with formulating triggering questions, to schedule appropriate interaction moments and we suggest you what to do with the results after your event. You’ll see that involving your audience into conversation will add a complete new dimension to your event!