Audience Response System through Web and SMS within PowerPoint

Get a live response from the audience, organize user-friendly votings via Website and/or SMS, let the audience answer open questions and use 30 more features for Free with just simple PowerPoint add-in and Web based audience response system with online Dashboard!

Voting via Website or SMS

Poll the audience live by showing multiple-choice questions during a presentation and let the attendees use their own mobile phones, tablets or laptops as a voting device, so they can respond quickly and easily through Website and/or SMS.

Quiz your Audience

Therefore Sendsteps also allows an easy integration of a quiz. With Sendsteps, you can add a little friendly competition to your event by quizzing your audience. Once again, with the use of the handy Sendsteps plug-in, every mobile phone, tablet or computer becomes a device that can be used by your audience to answer any questions.

Let audience ask questions

With Sendsteps, you can start a conversation and give your audience the power of free speech with the security of anonymity. Just by sending a text, tapping on tablet‘s screen or clicking on laptops, any personal device becomes a system through which thoughts and ideas become heard.

Attendees are able to text their questions via SMS/Website. All responses are anonymous by default, but through your own online dashboard you can change this setting and identify your audience by asking them a number of personal questions.

PowerPoint based

Multiple choice and open questions can be easily added to a current or new PowerPoint presentation. You’ll find a manual, a video tutorial and FAQ’s on our website for further assistance.

Well Supported

Our goal is to give people a voice, and we’re here to help you do that every step of the way. Sendsteps is available worldwide and our friendly, knowledgeable staff is here to help you.

For all Devices

Audience can use any mobile device with internet connection to participate via online website or just use SMS. Both methods can be used simultaniously.

Online Dashboard

You can review and analyze all of audience voting/polling results in easy to use Online Dashboard at any time after or even during event.

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Get help with creating interactive event

Next to assistance in the practical use of the tool, we also help you to setup your interactive event. We help you with formulating triggering questions, to schedule appropriate interaction moments and we suggest you what to do with the results after your event. You’ll see that involving your audience into conversation will add a complete new dimension to your event!

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