Voting system

An interactive voting system allows you to receive realtime response from your audience. Attendees will use their own mobile device to vote via a website, Twitter or SMS.

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Audience voting system

Using an audience voting system allows you to measure opinions of your audience in just a split second. The Sendsteps PowerPoint software allows you to easily add vote questions to your presentation. Once a question is live on the presentation screen, then attendees can use the audience voting system; the lines are open for their response. Different from most audience voting system, you can use your own mobile device to respond. There is no download necessary.

Results are received realtime. Either show the results immediately and see the result graph changing as attendees cast their vote. Or simply wait until you’ve received everyone’s response. With the Sendsteps audience voting system, you’ll be able to execute everything yourself in PowerPoint. The question- and result slide are automatically part of your complete presentation.

Interactive voting system

An interactive voting system changes the vibe of your presentation. Where most speakers normally deliver a monologue, you’ll be able to give a more dynamic presentation; By adding an interactive voting system, you should prepare for a lively dialogue.

By not only displaying the vote results, but to also address them as a speaker, it will increase the span of attention of your audience. An interactive voting system can be used in different meeting and presentation concepts. Obviously, the more sharply formulated a question is, the more likely attendees will be triggered to make use of the interactive voting system. Did you ever consider to use Sendsteps for an interactive quiz? You’ll be able to track and trace who responded best on the questions. Hand out a prize to the winner and be assured of high response rates!

Immediate results

Not only will you receive immediate results during your presentation, the results are also immediately ready for use after your presentation. Expand the effect of your presentation by sharing results with your audience after your actual presentation;

The Sendsteps Dashboard is part of the interactive presentation system; it allows online access to different features, but also to look back your results. Either browse through the webpages with the results, or download them as an Excel or PDF file. As such you’re able to address the results even after your interactive presentation. Simply use screenshots to share via social media or process results into your company blog. Make clever use of your audience’s knowledge!

Compare results

The Sendsteps interactive voting system does not only allow realtime responses from your audience. The voting system also allows you to compare individual groups within the audience. By letting the audience vote non-anonymous, you can see who voted for what. Formulate one or more “identification questions”. Use the answer options of your identifying question as measurements on the result axis; on the other axis you’ll see the results of the specific question. The graph now displays the results per group. E.g. see how the financial professionals differ in opinion compared to the marketing professionals. This feature allows you to make a more in-depth analysis of the content that you like to discuss.

Consultants of Audience Interaction

At Sendsteps we see hundreds of events taking place every year. We know how to engage and shape participation whatever the size of your audience. We can advise on how best engage your audience using an interactive presentation. We can help you to formulate great questions. We can even facilitate the meeting for you!

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