Q&A about Sendsteps services

How long does Sendsteps already exists?

Sendsteps exists already since 2008 (the previous crisis) and we supply to 70+ countries and major Fortune500 companies are using our services for over 12 years; from T-Mobile to Northrop Grumman and Universities to Richard Branson and Mark Rutte (Prime-Minister of the Netherlands).

Does the audience need to download something like a smartphone app?

Sendsteps is very easy to use and requires no downloads by the audience so all they need to do is visit the website and login with the code for your presentation. This allows them to engage by answering questions and offering their opinions and feedback on the topic.

Why don’t I just ask the attendees to speak up during the online meeting/presentation; why do I need Sendsteps?

Sendsteps allows you to create a compelling live presentation that isn’t just a one-way monologue with a distracted and potentially bored or anxious audience. Now you allow the audience to respond via their mobile phone or website in their desktop browser. They feel more comfortable because it is (non)anonymous and easier to type than to speak especially when your online meeting is larger than 8 people.

What is the basic idea behind Sendsteps?

Sendsteps offers an online alternative to presenting your content in front of an audience and it will help you host an interactive and engaging online event that will keep your audience interested and invested throughout.

How do I engage everyone?

Have your attendees/participants submit questions. The others then can upvote each other’s questions by ‘liking’ them; making it clear to the speaker which questions have priority and should be answered first. This makes sure that everyone sees impact of their actions and therefore they are engaged throughout the session (training, class, speech, brainstorm etc.)

How do I ensure that all the questions that arise can actually be asked?

You could switch the Sendsteps service to anonymous and then everyone feels free and safe to ask every question that is on their minds and in their hearts. Especially in these times it is important to turn every stone while we reinvent ourselves and the world.

Do you have an example of a question that is a good conversation starter?

You can ask the open question: “What are the best tips for an efficient day working from home?”. Something like this will spark a brainstorming session and people will come up with ideas that inspire others for more efficiency resulting in a more efficient team. And we all love being efficient especially in these times.

What to do when I lose people's attention during your online meeting?

You can have them log in with their name and ask a multiple choice question every 5 minutes. This way you know that everyone still participates. When someone misses an answer you can see in your dashboard straight away who it is.

You can also keep it anonymous and ask a question every 5 minutes. It has been proven that we do not concentrate for more than 5 minutes. And by letting people participate, the participants keep their attention, have fun and connect to one another.

What to do when people start talking all at the same time during the online meeting?

The solution for this is to use the ‘Upvoting’ feature of the Sendsteps solution. This allows you as an organizer to bring up questions and then the participants can upvote their most important question and then it will get answered first. This ensures that everyone feels heard.

How do you keep us involved with each other?

You log in in the morning and log in at the end of the day and ask people with open questions what they have done, what they need help with and how we can improve the next time we get together. This situation to deal with the Coronavirus is the first time and we have to learn together, keep the spirit high and stay open and kind to one another. By staying in a learning environment that is open for feedback, we will all learn and improve.

How can I still make decisions with my team?

Solution: Vote on the choices you need to make. Add your questions live where you can vote on with each other. This give transparency and clarity about those choices and you get an honest opinion from your team.

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