Discover your NPS score instantly during meetings.

The NPS question from Sendsteps is your best tool for measuring engagement levels. It’s a swift polling module that helps you gather great insights about your audience.

Advantages of NPS.

Gauging the opinion of audiences, from corporate events to webinars and demos.
A simple method to carry out audience and market research.
Encouraging more constructive feedback from your audience.
Increasing loyalty and the likelihood of retaining your audience over the long run.
Expanding your perspective to help you see the big picture.
Determining areas that need improvements.
A reliable tool for finding out opinions of your audience over time.
Comparing your KPI against those of competitors.
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With our model, the process of obtaining NPS couldn’t be made easier. You can obtain it live during your meetings and corporate events using a highly intuitive user interface.

Simply insert the question into your interactive presentation, adjust some preference settings, and voila! The measurement is presented on a scale of -100 to 100. The greater the value, the better your score.

To gain even more valuable insights, you can ask an open ended question after the NPS question to better understand why your audience chose their scores.

Swift, seamless operation.

From installing Sendsteps to starting your live session, posting your NPS question, and getting responses, you can get everything set up without breaking a sweat.

Sendsteps comes with a smooth learning curve for everyone, including your audience.

A Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a metric used to gauge people’s opinions about your product or service. It entails a simple survey asking people how likely they are to recommend your product or service.

It’s easy to add a NPS question to meetings because it only involves asking a one-liner question, but it’s also highly instrumental because it can reveal a whole lot about your audience, from what they feel satisfied with to the changes they’d like to see.

Where to use.
Private lessons and group classes, AGMs, Stakeholders meetings, Team meetings, Workshops, Seminars/Webinars etc...
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