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Sendsteps Education: Use Cases

Teacher Chris Kockelkoren and the use of Sendsteps Education during his college

Chris Kockelkoren used Sendsteps Education at one if his lectures in Zuyd Hogeschool. As the result, he managed to reach his quite large audience and get a feedback from them in just a few minutes. It was not only an easy and efficient way to connect with audience, but also fun for students to take part in.

Michel Jansen – Education Advisor University of Amsterdam on using Sendsteps Education

Michel Jansen sharing his opinion of mobile interactions during the class after using Sendsteps Education for some time.

Michel believes that giving a good lecture is about interaction with students and of the best ways to do it is by using mobile phones and Sendsteps Education. You can ask them to send their questions, you can check if they understood a theoritical concept etc.

Use of Sendsteps Education at CHE University

First-year students of Faculty of Journalism at CHE University (Gütersloh, Germany) presenting their cross-media, hyper-local, Amersfoort blogs and having a live poll with Sendsteps Education afterwards.

Sendsteps Education in press

Graham Young on YoungMarkets

«With small audiences gaining that participation is relatively easy but the larger the audience gets the harder it becomes. The other day I came across a new product from a dutch company which will change this forever. It is called Sendsteps Education and essentially what it allows people to do is interact with your PowerPoint presentation using their mobile phone»

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Julius Solaris – Sendsteps Eduaction Brings Easy Voting to Presentations

«Sendsteps Eduaction was developed here in Europe by some talented Dutch guys. I loved the way they approached death by Powerpoint by keeping the privacy of the vote.»

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Michael Heipel – Interactive tools to collect audience feedback at conferences

«Sendsteps Education is a mobile interaction software that, unlike the tools above, does not require special tools or gadgets to collect feedback. It is integrated in Powerpoint and collects feedback via text messaging, Internet or Twitter. The Dutch company has clients like Vodafone or Philips and offers various price models depending on usage.»

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Sendsteps Eduaction on KillerStartups.com

«A plug-in that integrates with PowerPoint, Sendsteps Education lets audiences become an active part of any presentation and answer the questions that the speaker wishes to put their way. It is a really suitable way to let audiences participate in presentations – they can have their say, in an entirely anonymous fashion.»

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Make your presentations more interactive on Modern Life blog

«Would you like to create a dialogue instead of a monologue during your presentation? Are you interested in your audience opinion but you do not feel like passing around the microphone or buying expensive technology? This is where Sendsteps Eduaction comes in!»

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The Backchannel Boom on 21st Century Teaching & Learning

«Sendsteps Education looks promising and there is evidence from use at Dutch Universities demonstrating increased exam results. What I like about it is that it extends options for participating in the backchannel via text, web, or Twitter. These options are nice, as they include students who have a feature phone (phone with text messaging) or smartphone (phone with internet) — tools that all college students have today.»

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Bring interaction to Power Point with Shakespeak on StartupTunes

«Sendsteps Education is especially beneficial for Universities and schools. In recent demonstrations in leading universities of The Netherlands, professors and students both used Sendsteps Education and found the insights and opinions they received on their presentations impressive. They found that they could interact better. There was a lively discussion and students were not shy to voice their opinions, positive or negative, because the commentators remained anonymous.»

Startup lab: Sendsteps Education by Urban Times

«With Sendsteps we want to make the world a more transparent place and we offer a tool to help that happening. Through the use of Sendsteps, people feel heard and understood, there is a stronger sense of participation and knowledge gets a chance to flow freely. Within all kinds of organizations and gatherings, this brings the possibility to co-create and to experience more transparency and more authenticity. In short; value is being added.»

Sendsteps, a BYOD Classroom Response System by Agile Learning

«What Sendsteps really has going for it is that students can respond to questions in any one of three ways: text messaging, Web, or Twitter. Sendsteps doesn’t have a native app for iOS or Android, but since any device with a Web connection will do, there’s no need for an app. In that respect, it’s similar to Poll Everywhere, which also offers SMS, Web, and Twitter response options.»

Students of the University of Brussels can ask and answer the questions with the help of sms by De Morgen magazine (Dutch)

«Het systeem wordt sinds dit academiejaar gebruikt op de HUB. Docenten kunnen zelf beslissen of ze al dan niet ingaan op die mogelijkheid. “Ik denk dat er momenteel al drie à vier docenten mee aan de slag zijn”, zegt Frederik De Schrijver, adjunct-diensthoofd Informatica. “Maar we krijgen nog aanvragen binnen, dat aantal zal dus zeker nog toenemen.”»

Fontys University (Dutch)

«Sendsteps Education is een Nederlands bedrijf dat diensten aanbiedt voor het stemmen via SMS, Twitter of het World Wide Web. Deze stemmethoden kunnen gecombineerd worden binnen een sessie.»

«Voordeel van het gebruik van Sendsteps Education is het ontbreken van opstart-/aanschaf-kosten. U betaald alleen voor het gebruik. Deelnemers stemmen via hun mobiele telefoon (via SMS), via hun laptop/netbook, of via hun smartphone (iPhone / Android / iPad).»

ICT&Onderwijs.nl – May I have your votes, please: Sendsteps Education (Dutch)

«Een belangrijk verschil tussen SMS2Vote en Sendsteps Education is wel dat Sendsteps Education niet meer beperkt is tot alleen stemmen via SMS. Er is een webinterface beschikbaar waarmee deelnemers kunnen stemmen, dat werkt gewoon op een laptop, maar ook op mobiele apparaten zoals een iPhone, iPad of op Android.»

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E-learning-tools.net (German)

«Sendsteps Eduaction ist ein Plug-In für PowerPoint, mit dem Sie Live-Abstimmungen machen können. Sie präsentieren oder sprechen vor großen Gruppen? Dann können Sie dieses Plug-In installieren. Die Teilnehmer stimmen von ihrem Mobil-Telefon aus per SMS, Internet oder Twitter ab und Sie haben sofort das Ergebnis auf dem Screen. Eine sehr interessante Lösung.»

Thierry Ferrieres MeetingServices – Do you Sendsteps? Le vote par SMS made in Amsterdam (French)

«Sendsteps est une société basée à Amsterdam pour le moment quasiment inconnu en France. Cette société possède néanmoins un outil qui peut être très intéressant pour vos meetings puisqu’il va vous permettre de poser des questions à votre audience et d’obtenir les réponses de vos participants grâce à leur téléphones portables.»

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