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Sendsteps’ General Meeting interaction toolset

A Rich Collection of Tools to Inspire Stimulating Conversations during your General Meeting

A general meeting provides an opportunity for shareholders to interact with the decision-makers of a company. Unlike other forms of communication such as memos and letters to shareholders, a general meeting provides live and up-to-the-minute updates to shareholders. What’s more, general meetings give them a chance to discuss important issues live with the company’s representatives.

Sendsteps provides an all-inclusive interactive toolbox to help you run a your general meeting. You’ll find tools to accomplish any purpose of your meeting. You’ll get to discuss complex subjects and address key issues using a wide variety of interactive tools. What’s more, you can also send out surveys after the meeting to gather feedback for improving the outcomes of the next meetings.

Our toolbox can be highly instrumental to any type of general meeting, from annual General Meetings (AGMs) that hold once a year to Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM) that can be arranged at any time to share important developments with your shareholders.

Sendsteps’ audience engagement toolset is designed for just about any type of general meeting. We can help support interactions in events of any magnitude, from small gatherings to large events.

Hold vibrant conversations with shareholders during your general meeting using Sendsteps. Enjoy a seamless user experience and provide your shareholders with straightforward channels to respond.

Start Conversations during Meetings with Just a Few Simple Steps

Sendsteps’ clean, stable interface helps you deploy a wide range of interactive tools in a breeze. From start to finish, the installation takes just a few minutes, after which you can deploy any of the interactive features with just a few steps.

With our user-friendly interface, you can set up professional-looking interactive slides, even if you have no prior experience with coding or graphics design.

Your audience will also participate through a seamless process. They can send in their replies through a simple response website or via SMS, with no need to register or download anything.

The Benefits of Using Sendsteps During your General Meetings

Seamless interactions

You’ll be able to set up interactive slides in a breeze, and your audience can engage in discussions using their phones.

Greater trust

You’ll be able to lead conversations with your shareholders to clear the air about various issues, including controversial ones.

Promote innovation

Our visualization tools and survey features can promote the exchange of ideas between shareholders and the decision-makers to drive innovation and growth

Display your brand

You can also customize your interactive interfaces with your brand logo and colors.

Export Data to Analysis-Ready Formats

You can gather information generated during your interactions and export them to widely-used file formats like PDF, Excel and CVS.

Keep Tight Control over your Interactions During your General Meeting

Sendsteps provides you with moderation tools to help you keep everyone in line with your general meeting rules. You can use the response filter option to screen responses before they go up on the shared screen. You can also call in our moderators – event professionals that can help you do the filtering work while you focus on addressing the audience without interruptions.

How to use?

How to Use Sendsteps for your General Meeting

Step 1: Sign up for a SendSteps account

First, run Sendsteps’ official website on your browser and then click on the ‘try now’ button to begin setting up your account.

Step 2: Download and Install Sendsteps

After registering for a free account, you can begin using the platform by downloading the Microsoft Teams app or PowerPoint add-in. But you can skip that and proceed with the next steps on the web app.

Step 3: Add Question

Now, begin preparing your presentation slides. Click on the ‘Add Questions’ button, choose the type of interactive slide you want to use, and then fill out the contents of the slide. Click the “Add questions” button at the bottom of the page to proceed.

Step 4: Add response filter

If you want to review all your audience’s responses before sharing them with everyone else, you can click on the “Message Filter” button. This will take you to the interface where you’ll be receiving and reviewing responses.

Step 5: Customize your Slides (Optional)

You can also opt for the branding option here. Simply send us your branding request along with your brand logo and color, and we’ll have them inserted across your Sendsteps screen.

Step 6: Begin Session

To share your Sendsteps slides during your general meetings, click on the “Begin Session” button. The slide will then become visible on the shared screen.

Step 7: Get Responses

Your audience can then begin sending in their responses either via a simple web portal or SMS.


Tips for Using Sendsteps During your General Meetings

Survey questions

Your audience can then begin sending in their responses either via a simple web portal or SMS.

Ranking questions

Let shareholders determine what issues to discuss first. Simply send them a bunch of important questions and let them vote on which ones should be prioritized.

Live polling

Get them to cast their vote over certain decisions.

Weighted voting

You can assign different voting rights to each shareholder depending on the size of their shares or other parameters


You can take a moment to answer questions from your shareholders

NPS Score

At the end, you can assess the level of satisfaction among your shareholders and gather inputs for a more successful meeting next time.

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