Small Audience

Sendsteps and its effect on a small audience

The more trust there is in a group, the easier it is to share ideas and opinions. An interactive presentation with a small audience can provide the spark for people to speak up. The switch is made from presentation mode to engagement through facilitation and dialogue.

From Monologue to Dialogue

Structure your interactive presentation by taking opportunities to interact. Open a topic with a question and generate a short conversation. Digital input from the Sendsteps audience response system builds understanding and provides a valuable new dynamic to presentations.

An Effective Brainstorm

With a structured and interactive presentation, you can easily capture valuable responses as part of a brainstorming session. Deal with verbal and digital feedback from the audience response system. You can also save, review and share the results later.

Build Trust

Anonymous responses allow a full and frank discussion. It’s not about individuals. It’s their concerns and ideas that matter. With Sendsteps you don’t need to be exposed to a microphone and there’s no fear of recrimination. Get right to the heart of the matter with help of the audience response system!

Consultants of Audience Interaction

At Sendsteps we see hundreds of events taking place every year. We know how to engage and shape participation whatever the size of your audience. We can advise on how best engage your audience using an interactive presentation. We can help you to formulate great questions. We can even facilitate the meeting for you!

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