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The essentials

Get started with Sendsteps

Get to know how to setup your [free] user account. After that, the video will tour you along the main ingredients of the PowerPoint Add-in. Finished watching? You will understand how simple this is going to be!

Create a multiple choice question

This video explains you how to setup a multiple-choice question. By indicating a correct answer, you can easily turn your presentation into a quiz! Now start your session and see the results appear on your slide!

Create an open ended question

An open ended question can generate valuable content that can be used either during the live presentation or afterwards.  Get to know how you can turn your question into an interactive Sendsteps slide.

Respond via internet and texting

Let the magic happen and allow your audience to respond to your questions! Attendees can reply via internet or texting. This tutorial also shows you how their input will be presented onto the PowerPoint screen.

Let your audience upvote incoming messages

From all the questions that are collected throughout an interactive presentation: which one to pick? Let your audience decide! The attendees can monitor and vote for each incoming message. As such you can be assured of a tailored dialogue!

Extra functionalities

Create a WordCloud

The WordCloud is a fun feature, that sometimes can bring forward a powerful message. Receive one-word contributions and see the wordcloud grow organically as attendees share their thoughts!

Use the Net Promoter Score [NPS]

Not only is the NPS a valued index to measure customer experience, it’s also a known indicator for business growth. Both the NPS formula and the result graph are now ingredients to easily add to your presentation!

Set up a quiz and identify your audience

Add a competitive element to your presentation and let your audience reply to quiz questions. Turn your Sendsteps session into a non-anonymous session and follow the live scores via your dashboard. We can hardly handle the excitement!

Using the Sendsteps dashboard

Choose the response options for your audience

Decide how your audience can participate: via the response website [internet] or via texting. Or simply via both! No matter where on the globe you and your audience are located: everyone can participate.

Moderate incoming messages with the message filter

A sensitive subject, a lot of incoming content; there are several reasons on why you’d like to scan incoming messages before assigning them to the PowerPoint screen. The message filter lets you do this. You’re in full control!

Manage Your License and User Accounts

To keep organised you can manage your License and User accounts in your personal dashboard. This video explains it all.

Design: slide and response website

Edit your slide design

Questions that are added by default will carry Sendsteps slide design. However, this can be completely changed. Apply your own [company] design to individual slides or to the complete slide deck via the masterslide.

Customize Your Response Website

By not only applying your design to the PowerPoint slides, but also to your response website, it will give your audience a full experience. Turn Sendsteps into your very own interactive experience and leave a lasting impression!

Share Vote Results

Interactive presentations will generate new ideas and insights. Encourage your audience to share vote results via social media. A fun and easy way to create buzz around your event!

Follow Event Tweets

Add the Tweets tab to display tweets using your event hashtag. You won’t need to switch between browsers as you have all your audience interaction in one place.

Play a Quiz

Ask attendees to provide their name in the response website to track who answers most questions correctly. Announce the winner, and award a prize, live on stage!

Take a Survey

Let the audience evaluate your event. The survey tab provides template questions that help you to quickly design a post event survey.Collect everybody’s opinion to ensure that your next event will be better still.

Branded Response Website

Create a distinctive response web site using your own design, corporate colour scheme and even your own web address. Make audience interaction a hallmark of your organization!

Easy Event App Integration

The Sendsteps audience response system can be easily integrated into an existing event app to offer your audience a complete interactive event experience!

Data Security

Do you organize events with captains of industry, ministers, diplomats or other dignitaries? Our servers guarantee exceptional data security. With our audience response system everything remains confidential.
5 Benefits

Vote from your own device

There’s no need to download any additional software. Just visit our response web site using your device browser.

One web site for all audience interaction

The same user interface with plenty of space for responses, results, tweets and surveys.

Apply your own branding

Present the response website in a way you like it. Professional and smart!

Secure data

It doesn’t matter how important members of your audience are; all data is safe and secure.

Low bandwidth use

With the Sendsteps audience response system you won’t have to provide extra WiFi capacity. We keep bandwidth use low.

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How to use the Response Website? | Sendsteps Audience Response Software

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