Branded Options

Sendsteps in your corporate style

What will be branded?

all presentation slides

All Presentation Slides

All interactive question- and result slides in your Powerpoint presentation will be based on your own corporate template, so it will match your company’s branding guidelines. And last but not least: it saves you lots of time preparing!

mobile response site

Mobile Response Site

When the audience wants to vote or send in a comment during a presentation, they’ll need to visit a mobile response site via phone or tablet. This website will contain a customized url and carries your company logo and colours. Everything in your own design.

admin dashboard

Admin Dashboard

The dashboard is your personal Sendsteps environment where you can adjust your  presentation settings, moderate messages and find back all session results. The dashboard will be branded in your company’s design to make you and your colleagues feel at home.

What does it look like?

Branded Prepare Slide

Branded Explanation Slide

This slide instructs the audience on how to participate. It mentions your branded response website URL and it automatically contains your company logo’s, fonts and (text) colours.

Branded Vote Slide

Branded Vote Slide

The vote slide is added to your slide deck completely in your own corporate template: Your company logo, fonts and (text) colours will appear based on your branding guidelines.

Branded Results Slide

Branded Results Slide

This slide shows the results of the previous vote question. The graph bars, (text) colours and logo’s on the slide are automatically alligned with your company’s branding standards.

Branded Open Ended Slide

Branded Message Slide

The messages and questions, sent in by the audience, will be presented on this slide. Again, this template will be presented automatically in your company’s branding.

Branded Add-In windows

Branded Add-In Windows

We make sure the Branded add-in will feel like ‘your own’. That’s why we brand all windows, menu’s and (set-up) texts specifically for your company.

Branded Powerpoint Add-In

Branded Powerpoint Tab

When we say branded, we really mean branded. You are free to choose a customized name for the add-in, which will be visible on the Powerpoint ribbon on top of your screen.

Branded Response Site

Branded Response Site

You can consider the response website as your business card towards your audience. The URL and layout (colours and logo) of the website will be completely customized.

Branded Dashboard

Branded Dashboard

We will setup the dashboard platform in your company colours and logo’s. This dashboard will be the beginning -and starting point for all Sendsteps users within your company.


Interested in a Branded product?

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