Ice-breakers for your presentation | 5 proven suggestions!

Haven’t we all been there? That moment when you sit down to prepare the first few lines of your presentation. The core of your story isn’t that difficult – you’re an expert on the matter. Yet, you want the beginning to be smashing too! We’re here to help: pick any of these ice-breakers and melt your crowd!


My presentation is successful | 3 checks on that!

Some of us are regularly involved in hosting groups. For instance, in the role of a trainer training course attendees, or in the role of a HR adviser welcoming new team members or maybe as specialist giving lectures. Isn’t it comfortable to then stick to a standardized story line? Simply, “because it has proven to…


Your 20-minute speaking slot | 3 interaction moments

You are a speaker. Often invited to share expert views. Over time you developed a presentation style that fits like your favorite jacket. Yet, how to answer that voice that keeps challenging you to improve your story? For all these 20-minutes speaking slot invitations; here’s three tips on how Sendsteps could charge your message. With…


Past Q&A time: 3 ideas on how to deal with audience questions

Because Sendsteps helps you to unlock so many questions from your audience, you can easily run out of Q&A time. In the old days your audience would be too shy to ask a question. That’s why you could easily schedule 5 minutes for a Q&A. Now that Sendsteps allows everyone to easily participate, you’ll suddenly…


Drie vragen vóór je event, die je succes na afloop onderstrepen!

“De bezoekers moeten vooral een leuke dag hebben gehad”. Niks is minder waar. Maar na veel voorbereiding en gemaakte kosten, is er na afloop van je event hopelijk meer te zeggen dan dat het alleen maar leuk was… Door jezelf van tevoren een paar slimme vragen te stellen, kun je na je event waardevoller terugblikken. En vooral ook vooruitkijken! Misschien ben je alweer bezig met de organisatie van een volgend event. Mogen wij je dan alvast drie vragen stellen?


Why your cultural identity determines your decisions

Sitting between Susan and Jose in Monday meetings and working alongside Adina and Takeshi on the new project give you a perfect overview of cultural differences in the business world. What makes communication effective? How can you speed up the decision-making process? We created a culture guide to help you find the best way of…


How powerful questions inspire you to grow

We watched 35 videos to help you ask better questions, and then selected the 5 most useful and inspiring of them. To save you time you’ll find a summary for each one below. These videos try to make you a better listener, questioner, and leader….