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Do you feel that you are not confident enough to step onto the stage? Chances are you would be described as an introvert. There is no need to worry. Famous introverts like Audrey Hepburn, Emma Watson, Rosa Parks, Mahatma Gandhi and Warren Buffett got used to being in the public eye despite their shyness.

There is a common belief that extroverts are the best presenters. They might have character traits which make easier to be in the spotlight. Otherwise, creating a compelling presentation and delivering a message smoothly is not impossible for introverts either. Introverts’ strengths are taking the time for preparation and focusing deeply on one subject. Being prepared gives you confidence to tackle any presentation-related fear. We collected useful tips to turn any introvert into the best presenter.


This post is written by Szandra Karacsony and Alexander van Swinderen. We both work for Sendsteps.

Sendsteps makes free PPT software that allows your audience to vote and send messages live on your slides using their phone. Want to give it a try?

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