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    To most of us presenting on itself is already a challenge. Some get pleasure out of it, but most people are happy when it is over. So why even involve the audience? Doesn’t it only make it more difficult for the presenter to manage the story line?


      Team Building Problem Solving Activities

      With an ongoing digitalization, the need for a workforce that easily adapts to a fast-changing world, becomes more eminent. On one hand many jobs will get lost because of digitalization. On the other hand, some workfields will see a higher demand in jobs.


      A new generation of elderly care

      During an event we’re used to sit back and relax. But what if we could first answer a few questions?
      Wouldn’t it be interesting to get to know a little more about your neighbour and the rest of the crowd?


      Audience activities during presentation

      In ancient Greece – the word catharsis was used for the emotional bond between actor and audience. Wouldn’t one say that when it comes to presenting nowadays, catharsis didn’t evolve that much? We still look for ideas and activities during presentation to thrive engagement.


      How to keep an audience engaged during a presentation

      Did you ever think of your presentation as a first time date? Imagine – it’s really not that different. Upfront you are busy with what to wear, what to say and especially what not to say. You don’t need an awful lot of dating experience to know that in the end a date always goes different than expected. But nevertheless, we often feel we can never do without a proper mental preparation.


      Engage your audience through interactive debates!

      There is so much more ways of how to engage your audience then only the good old “Q&A” sessions. The Dutch Contactlens Congress [NCC] is a living proof of this! Every other year 1500 ‘optometric professionals’ gather from all over Europe. During the congress, attendees reflect on the latest trends and developments with regards to contactlenses.


      How to run an effective meeting

      Imagine a meeting that you leave full of energy. Encounters with colleagues and talks that just greatly inspire you! Unfortunately, these kinds of meetings rather seem an exception than a rule. There are some worrying figures out there that underline the ineffectiveness of most of our meeting behavior.

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