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One-off Event Use

Use Sendsteps for your one-off event, congress or presentation.

Pricing is dependent on audience size, branding and the level of [onsite] support.

Get in touch with us: we’re happy to inform you with further details!

34 Features that are included in every plan

Yes, also in our Free plan!

With each License type you’ll get:

  • 100% Secure Data
  • Fully integrated in Microsoft PPT
  • No app download necessary
    for your audience

Voting via SMS and Internet

Make sure everyone in your audience gets a voice, smartphone, featurephone, internet or no internet.

Fully integrated in Powerpoint

Our unique free Powerpoint add-in allows you to integrate questions inbetween your (existing) presentation slides!

Anonymous audience

Sendsteps wants to give everybody a voice. By default, all sessions are completely anonymous so that all attendees can speak freely! You can adjust the anonymity in your personal dashboard.

No app needed

Your audience doesn’t have to download an app. They just need to browse to a simple, low-bandwith website and login. Simple as that!

12 languages

Full language support in 12 languages on the slides and within the response website.

31 Country sms

Want to be sure your entire audience can answer the questions? For answers via TXT and SMS we offer localized phone numbers in 31 countries, to keep cost down.

Personal dashboard

Every user gets access to a personal dashboard. Manage all your settings, find your message filter, set up surveys, find back all your session data and much more!

Message filter

Filter all messages coming in and choose whether you want to display them on the screen or not.

Change slide layout

You can change the slide design to your likings. Do you have a strong brand identity? We offer a branded solution.

Free templates

No time to create a killer template for your questions? Use one of the free templates made by Sendsteps!


Give your audience the chance to give feedback on your presentation directly after the last question is asked.

Audience identification

Start your question series with an Identification question, so you can group answers.

Track individual responses

A summary of all questions asked and answers received per person in the heat of the moment. Results are coming in live and you can for instance track who is going on the lead when playing a quiz.

Presentation results

A summary of all questions asked and answers received per person. Easily exported to excel.

Play team quiz

Play a quiz in teams: The winning team has most answers right in the shortest time.

Play individual quiz

Play a quiz individually: The winner has has most answers right in the shortest time.

Edit responses after voting

Choose whether your audience can edit their response after voting


Visualise the answers/suggestions your audience gave.

Add questions live

Gaining new views or ideas during a presentation? Add new questions to your presentation in real time, without even leaving the slideshow!

Take an exam

Test the knowledge of your audience in general, and individually. Results per attendee are to be found in your dashboard.

(Event) App integration

Using an (event) app? No problem, it’s very easy to integrate Sendsteps into the application.

Share results

Let your audience share the results of the presentation online.


Add suspense and energy to your questions by setting a timer until when your audience can answer.

Waiting music

Add suspenseful waiting music to mimic popular tv shows.

Number of votes/messages per attendee

Edit the amount of times an audience member can vote (for example divide 10 votes over these 4 answer options).

Display results (percentages or amounts)

Display vote results in amounts or percentages

Automatic open/close votes

You are in full control. Voting opens and closes automatically during your presentation when you show the relevant slides.

Use presentation multiple times

You only need to make your presentation 1 time. You can share this with your colleagues or present the same presentation several times infront of another audience and all results will be saved seperatly from each other.

Presentation sharing with colleagues

Send your PowerPoint presentations to anyone and let them activate this presentation with their own username and password. The presentation needs to made only once and everybody in your team can use it.

Collect responses during entire presentation

All responses are collected during your presentation. No need to take notes. Results will be stored in your own personal dashboard after your presentation (downloadable via Excel and PDF).

Display live vote and message counter

The number of votes or messages that have been sent can be made visible on the slide. The presenter and the audience is aware of the counter and knows when all votes are casted.

Easy web conference integration

Want more interaction during web conferences, screencasts? Sendsteps integrates easily.

Cross graph of 2 votes

Show 2 votes in 1 graph. For example question 1: Which department do your work? and question 2: How do you rate your job? Both votes are showed in 1 graph and you can see how each department rated their job

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