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Sendsteps is an AI-powered platform that transforms presentations and meetings into engaging experiences, allowing presenters to create interactive content and receive valuable feedback from their audience.

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Time is precious

We live in a society where we tend to put 90 minutes into an hour. Where we sprint to meet our deadlines. So when your manager asks you to free up time to make a presentation, you feel it's too much to handle. You'd rather invest this time in more precious tasks such as that one phone call with that big customer or simply refilling the beans from the coffee machine so you can enjoy your cup of coffee at 11 a.m. before the monthly sprint meeting. In our world where we are always under time pressure, presentations or meetings -and their preparations- often seem like a waste of time. But what if we told you that there is a way to make presentations and meetings engaging and interactive, giving everyone a chance to have their voice heard and using time efficiently?

Nice to meet you,

We are an innovative software company and have been in business for over 15 years as one of the first interactive presentation tools. With over 1 million users worldwide and a loyal customer base of top brands, we have put ourselves on the map as the pioneer in interactive presentations. Our mission is to revolutionize the way interactive presentations are created by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence.

We are there for the presenter and the audience. Where it gives the presenter an extra confidence boost, the audience gets a voice. While this voice is often silenced in traditional presentations, we encourage you to speak your mind during meetings or conferences.


AI-generated presentation

But we go beyond interactive presentations. We challenged ourselves and became the first AI tool for interactive presentations. We are already helping more than 100,000 people make interactive presentations 10x faster.

By simply uploading the document with the information, we will extract the key points and mold them into a visually appealing presentation, complete with speaker notes for the presenter. During the presentation, we also add interactive elements like word clouds and quizzes, which ensures greater audience engagement and participation. And this in turn provides valuable feedback and insights.

You can also let our trained AI's database do the work for you. Save the trouble of uploading a document and enter your topic, desired language and your audience. Based on this information, we will create a presentation with unique content for you.

Working together

We are not only time-efficient, but it's also mindblowing use our tool! We provide a new, engaging way of presenting that the audience will not easily forget. Our help will make your presentation not only more efficient, but also more appealing and unique.

So walk over to the coffee maker and let us do the work for you. While you enjoy your fresh cup of coffee, we can concentrate on what we do best: getting your message across in a time-efficient way. So next time your watch strikes quarter to 11, call in our help, grab yourself a fresh cup of coffee and be prepared for the 11 o'clock meeting.

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Core values



We encourage people to be self-confident in giving presentations.

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We provide a unique and unforgettable experience for you and your audience.



We created an exciting, satisfying and timesaving product.


Sendsteps was founded by Mike Coumans and Steven Blom in 2008. They noticed a need for change in the way meetings and presentations were set up. Presentations and events should become more interesting, exciting and valuable. As a response to this need, Sendsteps was created. We believe that the opinion of your audience matters!


Key numbers


150+ countries

Sendsteps is used all over the world!

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100k+ presentations generated monthly

And counting! Sendsteps lets you create a presentation for any setting, any topic, any language in matter of minutes.

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50k+ presented presentations

Monthly Sendsteps has 50 000+ presentations that are being presented.


5,5m+ total responses collected

On a yearly basis Sendsteps collects over 5,5 million responses.

100k+ new users joining

Per month 100 000 people join the Sendsteps community.


Our team is an international and dynamic group of individuals who are dedicated to creating something truly extraordinary. With a shared enthusiasm for our work, we enjoy the process of building while having a great time. Our team consists of 20+ individuals from all over the world, and we are lucky to be situated in the heart of Amsterdam.

To meet our team or explore available job opportunities, please visit our jobs page.

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