Data Security

We give the privacy and protection of user data the highest priority. We partner with experts in data security. Banks, governments and large international corporations trust us with their information. During an interactive presentation, every single exchange between the audience and speaker is 100% safe with Sendsteps.


Key Benefits


HTTPS Communication

Data transfer via Sendsteps audience response system is encrypted. This means that nobody can see the data without the correct decryption key.

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Encrypted Data

All data transferred via Sendsteps audience response system is encoded. If the non-anonymous mode is switched off, messages sent during an interactive presentation cannot be traced back to the original sender.

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Exclusive Server

Have your own exclusive server. A server which is dedicated to receiving data from your organization only. All the data from Sendsteps audience response system is stored securely on this server.

Sendsteps License

Would you like to facilitate your regular in-house meetings with an audience response system? The Sendsteps License provides you, and your colleagues, unlimited use of Sendsteps throughout the year. Set up your own interactive presentation and engage your stakeholders and employees. Make interaction a hallmark of your organization

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