Custom design options for every event. Deploy live polls, survey templates, and other interactive tools with your brand name and logo displayed prominently.

Customize Your Interactions in Every Event.

  • Strengthen your bonds with your audience
  • Create more opportunities to raise your brand awareness and brand authenticity
  • Introduce more beauty and awe to an otherwise generic interaction
  • Customize Sendsteps and place your brand logo on every screen during your interactions without any need for coding or graphics design skills.

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Customize your interactions in every event

With Sendsteps’ branding options, you can fly your brand colours throughout your events without a hassle!

We enable you to use branded interactive features during events, even if you don’t have any prior experience with coding or graphics design. You will get to create a sharing environment that reminds your audience of the values and principles that define your brand.

Sendsteps’ custom design is easy-to-use as are all other features on the platform. All you need to do is contact us about your branding request and send us your brand logo and colour scheme. Once we set up your brand logo and colours, it will be featured across every part of your Sendsteps, from the PowerPoint add-in to the web app, and mobile response website.

As the name suggests, an audience response system is designed to facilitate two-way communications between a presenter and an audience. You can pose different types of questions to your audience such as multiple choice questions, quizzes, word clouds etc. You can also collect feedback in real-time, all without leaving your presentation software. Sendsteps comes with a vast range of audience engagement features, including those for moderation, analysis-ready reports, and lots more to help you maximize the impact of your events.

Give your audience a consistent experience

A custom design helps you give your audience a consistent experience, further increasing your brand authenticity and trustworthiness. You will create a familiar environment that encourages your audience to lay down their guard and soak up your message much faster than otherwise.

In a branded environment, your audience will give your promotions and offers a warmer reception than a generic setup that your audience may have reservations about. Your brand logo will be visible throughout your interactions. It will show up on any interactive feature you deploy, from surveys to live polling, quizzes and others.

Customize your interactive tools

You can customize our PowerPoint add-in to get your brand logo and colours up on every interactive slide.

With the simple branding process, you can explore all the benefits of branding during your interactions. You can easily incorporate your logo, brand colour, and other brand template elements on your PowerPoint add-in or web app.

(You can easily incorporate a customized name, brand colour, and other elements of your brand template on your PowerPoint add-in or web app.)

Branded response website

Your audience will also get to participate through a fully branded response website. The response website is a web portal with functionalities for sending in responses to questions displayed on the shared screen. Your audience will get to see the same branding on the response website as the branding on the shared screen.

Talk about a consistent experience that further clears your path to hit a home run and build brand authority during your events.

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