AI Presentation Maker: Create presentations 10x faster does the writing, design and storytelling, leaving you with nothing to do but present

We’re the first AI interactive presentation maker!

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  • Save time when creating presentations
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  • Get inspired thinking about your message
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  • Interact with your audience while presenting
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    Using is simple:

    1. Describe your topic or upload a document

    2. Enter presentation & audience details

    3. AI generates interactivity, design and content

    4. Rehearse

    5. Present

    Two ways to generate an AI presentation

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    Document to presentation

    With the document upload feature, you can simply upload a document and our AI will summarise it and generate an entire interactive presentation for you. So whether you have an informative document, an academic paper or a product brochure, you can easily upload it to our platform and let us take care of the rest.

    We support the following document types:

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      Word document

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      PowerPoint file

    • Tickbox

      PDF file

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      .txt file

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    Text to presentation also offers the option to describe your topic to us. This feature is perfect for those times when you need to give a presentation but are out of ideas regarding the content. Simply provide us with a brief description of your topic, and we will create an interactive presentation for you. It's an excellent option for those who only have a subject and want to make their presentation engaging and interactive. With our interactive presentation templates, you can easily engage your audience and make your presentation a success.


    Let our artificial intelligence generate presentations, so you can save time and money to bring along your message.

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    Trained AI

    Our machine learning model is learning every day and provides awesome presentations.

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    Save Time

    Up to 10x faster than manual presentation creation.


    Unique content

    The generated content by is unique and doesn’t repeat itself. is plagiarism free

    Plagiarism free

    Our AI presentation maker pass plagiarism tests with 99,9%.

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    Interactivity included

    Our presentations always include interactive questions to engage your audience.

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    Multiple languages

    Create presentations in 86 different languages, including English, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Italian and French.

    GDPR & Data Protection Sendsteps

    GDPR & Data Protection

    By adhering to EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and all other applicable regulations, we provide optimal protection for your data.

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    ISO 27001 Certified

    We are audited annually by an independent certification body. Sendsteps is ISO 27001 Certified.

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    AI is an exciting, new technology that can unlock your imagination to create amazing things.

    Be part of a revolution! Use AI to generate your presentation!

    We support the following document types:

    • Word document
    • PowerPoint file
    • PDF file
    • .txt file

    Yes, you can use our AI presentation maker for free!

    Yes, is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, with a simple drag-and-drop interface and helpful AI-powered suggestions and prompts. helps users save time and effort by automating many of the tasks involved in creating a presentation. It also makes presentations more engaging and interactive, which can help keep audiences interested and attentive. uses AI algorithms to help users create visually appealing and interactive presentations. It offers features such as automatic slide creation, content suggestions, and real-time audience engagement tools.'s AI algorithms analyze the user's content and automatically generates slides and creates interactive elements to keep audiences engaged. provides a variety of real-time audience engagement tools, such as live polls, quizzes, and surveys. These tools allow presenters to gather feedback and adjust their presentations in real-time based on audience responses. automates many of the time-consuming tasks involved in creating a presentation, such as slide design and content formatting. The AI presentation maker has the ability to extract the most essential information from a document and generate an interactive presentation based on that. helps 100,000+ people like you to create interactive presentations 10x faster!