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Ramp up the appeal and impact of your presentations with vibrant interactive features.

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Key benefits

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Create an interactive presentation

No matter how critical and sensitive your meeting is, you'd want to avoid monotonous, one-tracked presentations that bore out your audience. Even if you’re entertaining an audience in a laid back setting, the best way to maximize engagement rates is by enabling two-way interactions. Adding live polling with Sendsteps will help you create an interactive presentation. Keep your audience hooked to your meetings and events with stimulating interactive features that encourage them to contribute to the success of the meeting.


Live audience polling

The Sendsteps PowerPoint add-in gives you a wide array of interactive features suitable for just about any type of meeting, from corporate events to educational programs. You can either ask specific questions to get specific feedback or open the floor to questions and comments from the audience. Sendsteps enables you to add live polling in PowerPoint, creating an interactive presentation without leaving PowerPoint.


Audience feedback

Keep your interactive presentation on track with filtering features that help you block out distractions. This helps you give everyone a fair chance to be heard without risking embarrassing responses getting displayed on the shared screen. You can determine which responses show up on the main screen without having to check every single response manually.


Multiple test tools

You can add live polling in PowerPoint with our PowerPoint add-in. From multiple choice questions to quizzes and open ended questions, you can explore a variety of question types to engage your audience. Each type of question format is suitable for specific purposes. But it’s best to experiment with each of them to see which works best for what purpose.

Multipurpose interactive features

Don't just drone on in your meetings assuming your audience is closely following you. You can stop from time to time to invite conversations and liven up the meetings without leaving the PowerPoint app or deviating from your message.  You can also choose to present your audience's responses in a variety of formats, from a word cloud to diagrams and charts.

Multiple options for live polling

To help ensure that your audience participates with minimal drawbacks, we've simplified everything for them and avoided anything that might raise privacy concerns. They simply need to open a webpage on their smart devices to enter the responses or send a text to a certain number.

Sendsteps can be used for:

  • Meetings
  • Teambuilding exercises
  • Trainings
  • Webinars
  • Conferences
  • Pubquizzes
  • And many more..

1. Register your Sendsteps account

Sign up for your Sendsteps account (you can skip this if you already have yours).

2. Download and install Sendsteps

Download Sendsteps from your account, install, and run it. You can choose a version for PowerPoint. You can use the web version if you don’t want to install anything on your device.

4. Begin your live session

To post your question to your audience, start your presentation.

3. Add questions

Open your PowerPoint, find the Sendsteps toolbar and click on the button "Add Questions". Then select the question format of your choice. Enter the details of your questions in the next screen. When you’re done, press ‘Add Question’ to add the question to your interactive presentation.

6. Optional: Filter your results

Adjust the advanced settings to filter the responses as they come in to prevent embarrassing ones going up on the shared screen.

5. Get responses

Your questions will go live and your audience will see them along with instructions for sending in their responses.

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