Sendsteps for Education

Keep your students engaged with live polls, quizzes and interactive Q&A, all without downloading apps or leaving your presentation.


Why use Sendsteps Education to make your presentation interactive?

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    Increase interaction with students.

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    Energize the classroom.

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    Make learning more fun.


Shakespeak evolves into Sendsteps Education

In the past Sendsteps Education was called Shakespeak. We launched Shakespeak as a separate brand to fully focus on Education space. The two brands were the same software, same support and just two different colors and names. Since 2020 the two brands are merged into one: Sendsteps.

The benefits of using Sendsteps Education


PowerPoint integration

Sendsteps Education PowerPoint integration enables you to easily share presentations and results with your fellow lecturers. Simply add questions via the ribbon while audience results are automatically published within your PowerPoint slides

Quiz Sendsteps

Play a quiz

Create a competitive element and actively involve students. Test your student’s knowledge and follow results backstage to see who is ahead. Do you have a winner?

Survey Icon Sendsteps

Take surveys

Take the attendance per lecture and allow students to evaluate the course or semester. Access the survey results via your personal dashboard and find out whether there is room for improvement.


Review your students

Go through exam content with your class. Ask multiple choice questions and discuss the outcome on the spot. Is everything clear or do certain subjects need extra attention?

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Downloadable results

We know you love content. Easily download the results of all your votes, Q&A, quizzes, surveys, attendance lists or individual progress in excel or PDF.

Upgrade to Sendsteps Education

Sendsteps support the Education space by offering our software at a reduced rate via the Sendsteps Education brand.