AI-Driven Interactive Learning Experiences

Create dynamic lessons that captivate students, revolutionizing the educational landscape and transforming traditional classrooms into engaging and interactive environments.

Sendsteps Education: the secret weapon of more than 1,000,000 users & leading companies

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Key benefits of AI in Education

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AI-Powered Simplicity

Harness the power of AI with our user-friendly interface. Effortlessly integrate interactive elements into your presentations, using our AI Content Creator, and create engaging lessons without the need for technical expertise. Save time, unleash your creativity, and elevate student engagement with ease.

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Real-time Audience Interaction

Engage your students instantly with real-time interaction. Foster collaboration, address questions, and gather valuable feedback to create an interactive and dynamic learning environment.

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Diverse Interactive Features

From live polls to quizzes and word clouds, our platform offers a variety of interactive tools. Ignite curiosity, deepen understanding, and make learning memorable with engaging and interactive content.

From Shakespeak to Sendsteps Education

In the past Sendsteps Education was called Shakespeak. We launched Shakespeak as a separate brand to fully focus on Education space. Although the software and support remained the same, the two brands had distinct colors and names. However, as of 2020, we have merged both brands into one unified platform: Sendsteps.

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How works

Instead of taking a few hours, all is ready in 1 minute!

Create your AI presentation

You can create a presentation in one of four ways:

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    Use our AI presentation maker

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    Upload document

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    Start from scratch

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    Import PowerPoint

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Define and approve lay-out

Provide specific details about your presentation's topic, language, target audience, title, length, and any other relevant information.

Wait for creation

Simply wait for a few seconds, and your presentation will be generated.

An image of a presentation being created using the AI presentation maker
An image of a presentation that is generated using the AI presentation maker

Presentation ready

Our AI tool takes care of generating the design, content, pictures, and interactive elements for you!

Time to present

Your presentation is all set! You have the option to utilize speaker notes for practice, or if you prefer, you can begin your presentation right away!

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Upgrade to Sendsteps Education

Sendsteps support the Education space by offering our software at a reduced rate via the Sendsteps Education brand. No credit card required | 2 Free AI presentations

Yes, offers a free plan that allows users to access and utilize its AI Presentation tool without any cost. Enjoy its powerful features and functionalities without breaking the bank. Note: You can generate up to 2 AI generated presentations. No credit card needed.

Yes, Sendsteps is committed to supporting educational users. They offer a special Education Campus Plan designed for 20 or more branded licenses to cater to the unique needs of educational institutions. To learn more about the possibilities and receive a tailored education offer, please reach out to the Sendsteps team by sending an email to

Absolutely! prides itself on its user-friendly interface, ensuring that both beginners and experienced users can navigate the platform effortlessly. Creating engaging AI generated presentations for students has never been this simple. provides a diverse range of benefits, from time-saving automation and visually captivating designs to seamless interactivity and heightened audience engagement. As a result, empowers educators to captivate their audiences effectively during classes and lectures.

By integrating into your classroom, you can harness AI's capabilities to create interactive and personalized learning experiences. Engage students through real-time polling, instant feedback, and adaptive content delivery.

With, teachers can interact dynamically with their students during presentations through live polls, Q&A sessions, and audience response features, fostering a more collaborative and participative learning environment. Additionally, the AI presentation maker saves a lot of time for teachers by automating various tasks, allowing them to focus more on delivering compelling content and engaging with their students effectively. enables teachers to captivate and retain students' attention by incorporating interactive elements, multimedia content, and gamification into their presentations. It fosters active learning and boosts student engagement. The AI presentation maker creates this interaction, saving teachers more time to focus on other aspects.

By automating various presentation tasks, such as content generation, design, and interactivity, streamlines the presentation creation process. Teachers can focus on delivering compelling content, thus saving valuable time and effort.