Sendsteps for Enterprises

Make your presentations and meetings more interactive with Quizzes, Live Polling, Word Clouds and more- all branded with your logo and colors.


Tailor Sendsteps to your needs

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    Integrations. We offer different integrations; a PowerPoint add-in, an web app and a Microsoft Teams app.

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    Fully Branded. We will set up your brand logo and colors so it can be featured across every part of your account, from the PowerPoint add-in to the web app, Microsoft Teams integration, and mobile response website.

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    User Management. You can easily add and delete users, manually or automatically. This gives you the flexibility over your license.

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    Tailored Support. Get personal assistance from our Customer Success Manager whenever you need our help. Whether it be a simple question, to book a demo or training about our product, we’re just a phone call away.

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Focus on Data Security

We prioritize safeguarding personal information above all else. Data encryption experts work with us to ensure that all our databases are fully secured at all times.

GDPR & Data Protection Sendsteps

GDPR & Data Protection

By adhering to EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and all other applicable regulations, we can provide optimal protection for your data.

Sendsteps is ISO27001 Certified

ISO 27001 Certified

We are audited annually by an independent certification body. Sendsteps is ISO 27001 Certified.

Single Sign-On (SSO) Sendsteps

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Allow your employees to use the same account information for multiple apps and programs, which eliminates the need for each app or program to have its own login screen.

Encrypted Data Sendsteps

Encrypted Data

All data shared through Sendsteps' Audience Response System are encrypted. When set to anonymous mode, messages can't be traced back to the original sender.

Sendsteps servers are located in Europe

Servers Located in Europe

All our servers are located in the European Union, which means that we comply with all required and necessary laws within the EU.

Exclusive Server Illustration

Exclusive server

Have your own exclusive server. A server dedicated exclusively to receiving data, storing all of your organization’s information regarding Sendsteps there securely.

Add Team Members Automatically

When a new user signs up with the same company email address, they can automatically be added to the company’s Plan after verifying their email. This makes it easier for anyone to join your plan which saves you time because now you don't have to go through and enter everything manually. Another option is to let the user, after signing up, choose the department/country to which it wants to belong.

Illustration of adding team members to your Sendsteps enterprise account

Full Branding

Having one cohesive presentation or meeting helps you provide a consistent experience for your audience, which increases your personal brand authenticity and trustworthiness. You create an environment that feels both familiar and welcoming - which lays down their guard and allows them to absorb information from your company much faster than they would otherwise.

Benefits of our Branding service.

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    The best way to engage with your audience

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    More opportunities to raise brand awareness.

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    Customize Sendsteps with your brand logo without any need for coding or graphics design skills.

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    A great solution for businesses of any size.

Tailored Support and Training

Get personal assistance from our Customer Success Manager anytime you need help. Whether it’s just a quick question, request for additional information or a product demonstration, we will make sure to answer all your questions as quickly as possible. At Sendsteps, there's no need to spend hours waiting on hold - the lines are always open for those who want personal assistance when it comes to asking questions about our products.


User Management

You can easily add and delete users. This gives you the flexibility over your license.

Professional Event Services

We know that planning and hosting an event can feel overwhelming. Whether you're planning a small meeting or large convention, online or in person, our support team will help make sure everything goes smoothly. Give your attendees something they'll never forget and create lasting connections with them through our three levels of professional event services: On-site Operator, Moderator and Sidekick.

Sendsteps moderator


Our moderator is available throughout the duration of your event, providing expert, hands-on support during your events to make sure things stay on track. During your live event, the moderator will read all incoming messages and then choose the most interesting ones for you to share with your audience.

Sendsteps Sidekick


The Sidekick will diligently do their research beforehand so that they are aware of all the topics brought up at the event. They will also initiate and lead conversations throughout, encouraging debate on topics that stimulate productive discussions among guests.

Sendsteps On-site Operator

On-site Operator

The on-site operator will be present during the entire event. He’ll help you prepare your presentation and make sure that all of your interactive features work without a problem.

Works with your favorite presentation platform

Wish you could use more functionality with your favorite presentation software without having to buy a new one? We offer a way to expand the capabilities of your favorite presentation software (e.g. PowerPoint), so that you can use functions for more creative and productive means. Your audience will appreciate this enhanced version because they have something new to look forward to- which leads them to become more engaged with what is happening. All this, without worrying about switching between multiple windows during your presentation or meeting. We offer three platforms where you can create interaction with your audience: the PowerPoint add-in, the Microsoft Teams app, the web app.

Illustrations of the Sendsteps integrations
Benefits of the Sendsteps integrations

Benefits of our Integrations

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    Use Sendsteps without leaving your favorite presentation platform (PowerPoint or Microsoft Teams)

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    You now have access to more interactive tools that increase audience engagement.

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    Greater persuasion powers: insights into your audience and powerful two-way interactive tools

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    Share your PowerPoint presentations with colleagues so they can use your interactive presentation for themselves