Want to ensure that your viewers are clear on your value propositions and vision? With a Q&A, you’ll have no room for misunderstandings or misrepresentations during your meetings. Learn more out more about the advantages of Sendsteps’ Q&A.

Key benefits

Maximize productivity levels

Sendsteps is designed to maximize productivity and engagement levels during your Q&A meetings. You’ll be able to invite and attend to questions in real-time without ever risking disrupting the flow of your meeting.

Gather questions without interruptions

Your audience can send in questions anytime without interrupting the meetings, and you can decide when to pause and respond to any questions whenever you deem fit. You can also set up filters to help you find and remove inappropriate questions.

Greater persuasion power

With clearer communications and a firmer understanding of your audience’s needs, you stand a better chance of making your case and drumming up support for your brand or cause.

Greater inclusiveness

By encouraging everyone to participate in the Q&A, you can promote inclusivity in your workplace or events, giving everyone a sense of belonging.

Support for natural conversations

In many instances, natural-two way communication can be more impactful than a one-way speech.

Stay on Top of your Q&A

One of the major features of Sendsteps’ Q&A feature is the advanced filter settings that let you keep your Q&A on a tight leash. That way, you can focus more on important issues and worry less about how to deal with embarrassing questions.

You can take a brief moment to review every question and pick out inappropriate ones before sharing the questions on the live screen.

More info.

Carry Everyone Along in your Meetings with a Vibrant Q&A.

Want to ensure that your event leaves a tangible impact on all your participants? You need to address everyone’s major concerns and convey messages that truly resonate with them. A lively Q&A can help you find out the most important things that matter to your audience, giving everyone – no matter their personality or public speaking skills – a fair chance to air their concerns.

Seamless method of participation

To leverage all these advantages, it’s important not only to invite your audience to a Q&A but also to make the process of participating easy for everyone. With Sendsteps, your audience doesn’t need to download or register for anything. They only need to open a simple web portal with a simple form field where they can enter their feedback.

Where to use.

  • Small and large meetings
  • Private lessons and group classes
  • Trainings
  • Webinars
  • Conferences
  • Guest lectures
  • Workshops

How to Use.

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