Student Response System for mobile devices

Engage your students and let them reply through their smartphone. Via the Sendsteps PowerPoint integrated student response system you can easily create a vote, poll or quiz or even add open questions. Students can reply via web and SMS: results appear real-time!

Questions and answers via cell phones

No more need to ask students to switch off cell phones. Encourage the use of devices in the classroom! With Sendsteps student response system a presenter can add questions to presentation: in advance or on the spot. Audience can easily respond through any mobile device: cell phone, tablet or laptop.

No apps needed

With Sendsteps your students don’t need to download anything. Skip the hassle of downloading apps. With help of a response mobile-ready website everyone will be soon up and running. All your students need is to go to the website and start answering your questions. It’s that simple!

Answering via SMS

It’s also possible for students to reply via SMS. Especially handy when a venue has limited WiFi. There is always a mobile network to support texting! Sendsteps has phone numbers for SMS answering in 31 countries all over the world. The input via both methods, web and SMS, is published simultaneously onto the slide.

PowerPoint ready

Sendsteps offers a unique integration whereby web-based feedback appears into PowerPoint! Attendees can send, either anonymous or personalized, their responses. Vote results appear instantly in any graph format of choice. Open content can be filtered or pushed immediately to the screen!

All devices supported

The audience can respond through any device: smartphone, tablet or laptop. When a device can make an online connection, then an attendee can participate. Even dated mobile phones can respond via SMS. All the speaker needs is a laptop with Microsoft PowerPoint.

Powerful online features

Sendsteps is a modern digital student response system! It means that you don’t need to rent bulky hardware and clickers. Sendsteps gives you ability to go with the times with more than 30 features that are available on every plan including Free one!

Realtime results on the slide

Attendees can easily participate online. A response website shows realtime questions and answer options. With just a click, attendees can respond. The use of a webpage is a response method that appeals to many. It is quick and easy. Reply via a user-friendly response form and still be assured of 100% data security.

Comprehensive Dashboard

The Sendsteps Dashboard is an online platform that gives access to the settings before, during and after an interactive PowerPoint session. It also gives immediate access to the data of a session. Tailor your session the way you like it!

Analyze and share after event

Generated audience feedback can serve as great input for the next steps after your event. Answer unanswered questions, use results for a next session, share the outcomes with your team. In short, exploit your data to the max!

Online meetings supported

Facilitate live interaction during online meetings. Why travel if your audience can also vote online or participate in a Q&A with one of your speakers? Online attendees can follow and reply to all questions through the response website.

Already more than 1 million users

Get help with creating interactive event

Next to assistance in the practical use of the tool, we also help you to setup your interactive event. We help you with formulating triggering questions, to schedule appropriate interaction moments and we suggest you what to do with the results after your event. You’ll see that involving your audience into conversation will add a complete new dimension to your event!

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