Welcome to the Changelog! In this comprehensive overview, we are excited to present to you all the latest improvements and new features that have been incorporated into As a cutting-edge platform, constantly evolves to enhance your interactive presentation experiences. Whether you are a presenter or an engaged participant, this changelog serves as a valuable resource to stay up-to-date with the latest additions that will elevate your communication and collaboration efforts. From upgraded functionalities to innovative tools, we are committed to providing you with an optimized and seamless user experience. So, let's dive in and explore the exciting advancements in!


Personalized Tone of Voice in our AI Stepper!

Step up your presentation game with our latest feature enhancement. Now, you have the power to customize the tone of voice in our AI Stepper. Shape the narrative of your generated presentations by selecting the perfect tone that aligns with your content and audience.


Discover Our New My Library Design!

Experience the evolution of efficiency with our revamped my library design. We're thrilled to present a sleek and intuitive interface that makes managing and creating your presentations a breeze.


Unveiling New Line and Bar Graph Slides!

Dive into data like never before with our latest feature release. We're excited to introduce brand-new line and bar graph slides to our presentation tool. Transform your information into compelling visuals that resonate with your audience.


We support 86 languages!

We support 86* languages! This means that you can create your presentation in any language with ease.

*The only language supported in the free plan is English. All other languages are available in the paid plans.

Select languages for you AI presentation using


AI Content Creator

Introducing our new addition to the AI Content Creator. With this groundbreaking feature, you can now harness the power of artificial intelligence to revolutionize your content creation process. Whether you're starting a presentation from scratch or editing an existing one, the AI Content Creator empowers you to generate and rewrite content effortlessly.

The AI Content Creator of

Gone are the days of struggling to find the right words or spending hours refining your message – simply leverage the AI capabilities to create impactful and engaging content. Moreover, the AI Content Creator goes beyond text generation, allowing you to generate word clouds and quiz questions with ease. By providing a selection of generated questions tailored to your specific needs, this feature saves you time while ensuring the highest level of audience interaction. Embrace the future of content creation with the AI Content Creator in and unlock your potential to captivate and inspire your audience like never before.

AI Content Creator


Export to PowerPoint

You are now able to export your presentation to PowerPoint!

We understand that many presenters are used to working with PowerPoint, and this feature will allow you to seamlessly integrate your presentation with your existing PowerPoint presentations. With this feature, you can easily export your presentation to PowerPoint, allowing you to edit and customize the presentation further, add additional slides, or incorporate it into your existing deck

Export Sendsteps to PowerPoint

Rewrite generated content

You are now able to rewrite every piece of generated content. We understand that every presenter has their own style and voice, and that sometimes the automated text generated by may not perfectly match your needs. With this new feature, you can now easily rewrite any piece of text generated by, allowing you to tailor:

  • The tone of voice.

  • The length of your sentence (extend or shorten).

  • Rewrite the entire text or a single word.

Rewrite content


Document upload

We now support document upload, which means you can upload a Word document, a PDF file or a .txt file. We will summarise it and generate an entire interactive presentation for you!

With this new feature, you can easily create engaging presentations without having to spend hours putting together slides. Whether you want to share information or upload a document, our platform will automatically generate an interactive presentation that your audience will love.

To try out the new feature, simply log in to your Sendsteps account and select "Generate presentation from a document". Then, select the document you want to upload and our platform will take care of the rest.

Create an AI generated presentation via document upload using


Speaker notes

Speaker notes are essential for presenters as they offer a guide on what to say during a presentation, helping them stay on track and organised. At, our AI technology generates speaker notes automatically based on the content of your slides and places them at the bottom of your slide. This makes it easy to create effective and engaging presentations. You can view your speaker notes in the preview mode of the presentation, giving you an overview of what you'll be speaking about during each slide.

Speaker notes that are generated by

Rewrite generated content

Customization is key when it comes to presentations, and at Sendsteps, we understand that. That's why we have developed an AI rewrite feature that enables you to effortlessly rewrite any aspect of your slides, ensuring they are tailored to your specific needs and requirements.

Rewrite the given content generated by

Generate presentation or quiz

We have also expanded our offerings to give you even more flexibility and control over your presentations. With our latest update, you can now choose to generate a quiz instead of a presentation. This feature is perfect for creating engaging learning experiences and testing your audience's knowledge in a fun and interactive way.

Generate a presentation or quiz using

Amount of slides

We know that the length of your presentation is crucial, and that's why we've added a feature that lets you determine the number of slides you need. You can choose from three options: summarized, informative, and detailed. These choices range from 6 to 15 slides, equivalent to presentations of around 10 to 30 minutes.

Option to select amount of slides generated by

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