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What can Sendsteps do for you?


Business professionals

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    AI-assisted presentations save time, enabling focus on crucial tasks.

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    Encourage active engagement for better meeting results.

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    Interactive activities promote message understanding and strategic discussions.


Students / teachers

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    Save time creating presentations with AI or use our AI Quiz Maker

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    Promote effective communication and student understanding.

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    Stimulate healthy competition, boosting student motivation and efficiency.

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    Make learning fun


During events

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    Enhance the enjoyment of the event and contacts with participants.

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    Get closer with your audience through interactive activities

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    Distinguish your event with a unique, immersive, and memorable experience.

We’re the first AI interactive presentation tool!

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  • Save time when creating presentations
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  • Get inspired thinking about your message
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  • Interact with your audience while presenting
  • How Sendsteps.ai works

    Instead of taking a few hours, all is ready in 1 minute!

    Create your AI presentation

    You can create a presentation in one of four ways:

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    Image of the information that is needed in order to generate a presentation using Sendsteps.ai

    Define and approve lay-out

    Specify what your presentation is about, in which language, to whom you’re presenting, title, length, etc.

    Start presenting

    You’re presentation is ready! Design, content, pictures and interactive elements are created for you. There will be speaker notes so you can practice your presentation or you can start presenting right away!

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