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Experience the best way to create a presentation: with AI does the writing, design and storytelling, leaving you with nothing to do but present

What can Sendsteps do for you?


In business

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    Engage your audience during your meetings and presentations

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    Get your message across using interactive activities

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    Save time when creating an interactive presentation


In education

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    Connect better with your students

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    Stimulate healthy competition amongst your students

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    Make learning fun

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    Save time creating presentations


During events

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    Let your audience be a part of your presentation

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    Get closer with your audience through interactive activities

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    Create a unique experience

We’re the first AI interactive presentation tool!

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  • Save time when creating presentations
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  • Get inspired thinking about your message
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  • Interact with your audience while presenting
  • No time? No worries!

    Try one of our pre-made templates or generate one with AI!

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    Generate a presentation with AI


    Use Sendsteps in the tool of your choice


    Web app

    Use our Web app directly from your browser. No installation needed, and you’re not tied to specific operating systems. No inspiration? Take a look at our pre-made templates!


    PowerPoint add-in

    Sendsteps is fully integrated in Microsoft PowerPoint meaning no more switching in between slides and eliminating to learn a new tool.


    Microsoft Teams

    Easily add Sendsteps to your daily online meeting. Make it easy to break the ice, gather quick feedback or test your audience's understanding.


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