Professional event services

Eliminate errors and guesswork when planning and rolling out interactions during your event with Sendsteps’ support team.

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Key advantages of our professionals



Proactive moderation: Our moderators are always on the lookout for any feedback or response that’s worthy of note.

Trained eyes on the ball: Before your event, our moderators will research your audience and lead topics extensively to make sure they moderate your interactions with a firm understanding of the matter at hand.

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On-site operator

A smoother learning curve: We’ll help simplify the use of interactive features on both your end and the audience's end.

Easier planning: We’ll make it easier for you to plan and roll out your interactions

Effective audience tracking: We will see to it that every attendee fills out identification questions to gather valuable data.

Audience analytics: The identification questions can ask for their names, age, department, and other relevant information. This can provide data for gaining insights into your audience's opinions after the event.

Data management and analytics: Your attendees’ data will also be managed and sorted professionally both for privacy and analytics reasons.



Find a reliable event partner: Our sidekick will stick around with you through the highs and lows of your events.

Drive higher engagement rates: Our sidekick can help you plan and implement various aspects of your interaction to help maximize engagement levels.

Explore engagements based on extensive research: Our sidekick can put in multiple hours of research to help you better understand and connect with your audience.

Learn how to squash your events with Sendsteps event support today!

No credit card required | 2 Free AI presentations

Cover your events from all angles with professional event services

Struggling to keep it all together when implementing your event management plan? Our support team can come to your rescue. Whether you’re managing a small meeting or large event, online or offline, our support team can help set your event on a smooth sail. We’ll help you give your audience an unforgettable experience, empowering you to establish stronger bonds with them. We offer three lines of top-notch support services:

  • On-site operator
  • Moderator
  • Sidekick

Steer your events in the right direction with Sendsteps’ moderators

Our moderators provide expert, hands-on support during your events to ensure that your interactions stay on course. During your live event, the moderator will check all incoming messages and then choose the most interesting ones that you’d like to share with your audience.

That way, you can focus on addressing your audience without any interruptions. You won’t have to pause momentarily to review incoming messages to check for the ones to share.

Sendsteps Sidekick: Professional Event Services that Wrap up Loose Ends

Like our moderators, Sendsteps sidekicks also help you generate and sustain highly productive interactions during your events. They’ll conduct extensive research before the event to have a firm grasp of the issues to be discussed. During the event, they'll initiate and drive interactions, prompting both the host and the audience to talk about things that stir productive interactions.

It’s safe to say our sidekick will help ensure that every aspect of your event’s interactions is catered to adequately. The sidekick will ask you (or your audience) stimulating questions to keep those healthy conversations coming.

On-site operator

Our on-site operator will help you leverage the full benefits of vibrant interactions during your events. The on-site operator will be present at the event location throughout the event. They will help prepare your presentation and also ensure that your interactive features run without a hitch.

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