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Multiple choice questions.

These can serve a wide range of purposes, from conversation starters to deep analysis and everything in between. They facilitate objective assessments with predetermined criteria for right or wrong responses. They can also help you carry out subjective assessments, helping you identify your audience’s unique preferences and opinions. In other words, they enable you to assess your audience’s opinions, preferences, and level of knowledge effectively.

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Everyone loves to get quizzed every now and then – especially over things that they’re good at.

Quizzes are also a fun idea that you can use to entertain your audience and get to know them better during your webinars and fun events. You should also consider pausing to throw in quizzes momentarily during your lessons to check how well your students are following you and stir healthy competition to motivate your students.

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Word cloud.

With this type, you can present your audience’s responses in dramatic visuals. The responses are spelled out in a word cloud, with the font size of each response proportionate to the frequency of occurrence. As such, a word cloud makes it easy and fun to identify and gain insights about the essentials.

Your audience will find it quite intriguing - a word cloud can help you convey simple truths in a dazzling display.

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Open ended questions.

Want to learn something new and exciting about your audience? Open ended questions are your best bet. Open ended questions are simple one-liner questions that can help you draw sincere, highly insightful feedback from your audience.

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Weighted voting questions.

During shareholder meetings and AGMs, some people’s opinions may carry more weight than those of others given their greater experience and expertise. As such, it’s crucial to acknowledge the difference in quality when asking for people’s opinions during your shareholders meetings and AGMs.

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Upvoting questions.

With this feature, your audience can ‘vote up’ questions from a list of submitted questions to help you determine which ones are most interesting. The most important questions will be the ones with the highest number of votes. This empowers you to address issues that really stimulate your audience.

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We also provide a rich collection of survey tools to help you roll out surveys for a wide range of purposes. You can set up many different types of survey questions, including:

  • Paragraph text
  • Multiple choice
  • Checkbox
  • Explanation text


Take your interactions to another level by instituting two-way communications during your events. You’ll have a greater opportunity to connect with your audience and get them to open up about their opinions, preferences and unique needs.

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