How to Get Real-Time Feedback from Your Undergraduate Students

One of the most important aspects of teaching a course to undergraduate students is understanding how they are responding to the material and their overall experience. This is why it is important to find ways to get real-time feedback from your students during the course. With a live survey, it is possible to get real-time feedback from your students, allowing you to make adjustments to your teaching strategy in order to best accommodate the needs of the students. In this blog post, we will discuss how to get real-time feedback from your undergraduate students using a live survey.

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The value of real-time feedback

Real-time feedback is essential for educators when it comes to teaching undergraduates. It is important for instructors to have an understanding of the effectiveness of their courses and materials, and to have the ability to adjust according to student needs. Real-time feedback can be incredibly helpful in identifying areas that could benefit from further instruction or improvement.

The most efficient way to get this type of feedback is through a live survey. By implementing a live survey, instructors can receive instant feedback on their course or lectures. This helps instructors identify potential issues and make quick adjustments if necessary. This can ultimately help improve the overall quality of the course and ensure that students are learning in the most effective way possible. Additionally, this allows instructors to provide a more tailored experience to each student, making their courses more engaging and impactful.

How to use a live survey

Using a live survey is relatively easy, and it can be done in just a few simple steps.

  • Second, create your survey questions. Depending on your course goals, you may want to ask questions about the content, teaching style, and/or overall experience.

  • First of all, it is a good idea to start your live survey using online software, such as Sendsteps.

  • After setting up your survey, you'll need to make sure that your undergraduates know about it. You can do this by sending out email reminders and/or announcing the survey during class. Make sure to provide a link to the survey, as well as a deadline for submitting it.

  • Next, decide how you will distribute the survey. You can have students take the survey online during class time or in their own time. Both methods are effective, although online surveys during class tend to be more popular.

  • Finally, once all the surveys have been collected, you should analyse the data and use it to make improvements to your course. This process can be repeated as often as needed throughout the semester to ensure that your undergraduates are getting the best possible educational experience.



All in all, getting real-time feedback from your undergraduate students is essential for the success of any course. Using a live survey is an effective way to gather this feedback and act upon it. It provides an efficient way to capture student sentiment and take proactive measures to improve learning outcomes. Live surveys give you insight into how your undergraduates are feeling about the course, what their preferences are, and what areas need improvement. Through utilizing this valuable tool, you can ensure that your course is constantly evolving to meet the needs of your students and create an optimal learning experience.

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