How to Make Your Marketing Meeting More Productive with a Quiz

It is Monday morning, and you've gathered your team to discuss marketing strategies and how to serve your customers better. The marketing meeting is the heartbeat of any good marketing campaign. Every aspect of it matters and, when done well, can mean the difference between success and failure. As the manager, you want to have a productive and efficient meeting, but instead of productive collaboration, there's silence as everyone looks at each other, waiting for someone else to start talking. It feels like nobody knows where to begin. You can make your marketing meeting more productive and focused by using creativity and knowledge testing with a fun quiz format. You'll have fun with your team, get to know them better, and maybe even learn something new about yourself!

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Breaking the ice at the beginning of the meeting

A typical team will use knowledge testing at the beginning of the meeting to boost their productivity. What some people don't realize is that at the beginning of the meeting, a small icebreaker is needed to get everyone in shape. Sure, you could introduce everyone and talk about how much fun this will be, but it would be much better if they were actually interested in being there.

That's where the word cloud template comes in! It will help you generate something interactive and playful for your team members. Imagine asking questions and seeing what topics interest them just by looking at a word cloud of ideas they developed themselves! Who knows- they might come up with their own questions!

Conducting a short quiz during the meeting

Another great way to ensure that we are all on the same page when presenting a new marketing strategy is by ensuring everyone has knowledge of what's been done. At this stage, it can be difficult for marketers who haven't been involved in the process to keep up with what's going on. If you want these people focused and present, or even thinking about potential questions or objections that might come up during the meeting, try having a quiz before diving into your presentation. Sendsteps is an amazing tool to make this quiz during your presentation. It will force them to know exactly what you're talking about and give them time for preparation which will help eliminate any surprises. Besides, it becomes clear which topics need more attention during the meeting and which ones less. You'll also find that those listening will have more focus because they are not just hearing but also answering questions too.

Key takeaways

Knowledge testing is an excellent way to improve the effectiveness of your marketing meeting. Consider: It's hard to gain insight into a customer's needs and goals if you don't know what they already know. Sendsteps' technique helps ensure everyone in the meeting has their facts straight and leaves feeling like they're part of the discussion. Besides helping get your meeting off on the right foot, an interactive session can provide new perspectives on customer needs and help foster empathy between your team members. These benefits make this approach well worth trying—so let's get started!

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