How to make your team meeting fun: a live quiz during the introduction

How can you make your team meeting more fun? It sounds like an odd question, but if you ask any of the people at your office, they’ll tell you that it’s not very fun at all. When I was thinking about this problem, I decided to research how other people are having fun with their teams. I came across Alex Blumberg’s Glue Guys podcast episode about team meetings at Gimlet Media (the company he founded). In the interview, Alex mentions that he uses software in his weekly team meeting to engage his team.


The benefits of having a live quiz during your team meeting

A live quiz can be an opening phase activity for new teams that are being introduced. Not only is it more interactive, but it can also help you break the ice and learn about your teammates in a non-traditional way. Plus, with today's technology there are plenty of tools you can use to host a live event on video chat or social media. In this blog, we'll talk about Sendsteps.

How to set up a live quiz during your team meeting

When you’re hosting the opening phase for your team meeting, try incorporating a live quiz into it. You can ask simple questions related to business or company culture in order to get people thinking and having fun. The questions could be about how your company is doing or what achievements you have made in the last period for example.

Tips for making your live quiz fun and engaging

The live quiz can be customized for your company, with questions about anything from company culture, expectations for employees, and even questions about each individual person's goals. A live quiz gets people talking and thinking so that they are more engaged and entertained throughout the rest of the meeting. People will also be more likely to ask questions if they are familiar with the information being presented. You can also use this time as an opportunity to set some ground rules, announce upcoming events or deadlines, or give introductions without having anyone feel like they're on stage alone.

The speaker will display his or her questions on a big screen using Sendsteps software and attendants can answer via their phone.

having fun at work while taking a Sendsteps made quiz

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