How to Test Knowledge During an All Hands Meeting: A Live Quiz in the Opening Phase

How should you handle testing knowledge of your employees during an all hands meeting? You can ask questions to which there are multiple right answers, or questions to which only one right answer exists. If there is only one right answer, though, how can you be sure that each employee answered correctly? By giving your employees a live quiz during the opening phase of your all hands meeting! This way, you can test knowledge across the board with very little preparation, and gauge what kind of information the participants retain from these meetings. Here’s how to prepare for and run an informative and interactive live quiz during your next all hands meeting!

What is an All hands Meeting?

All hands meetings are a great way for your employees to learn about how your company is doing and what you want from them. They can be live or recorded and are typically held at least once every quarter. In order to make sure everyone has a chance to share, it's important that attendees have a good understanding of what's happening before they get there.

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Why Test Knowledge?

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All hands meetings are a great way for employees to learn more about their company, but they often lack engagement. This is because the information presented is usually a lot of text that is read out loud and occasionally accompanied by slides. People are most engaged when they have a personal connection with what they’re learning, so trying something different can be effective. For example, creating a live quiz at the beginning of your all hands meeting where people have five minutes to answer questions about what they’d just heard or read. The hope is that this would create a better environment for discussion and encourage teamwork by getting everyone involved in the conversation from the very beginning.

Testing knowledge, how?

In order to conduct a live quiz, you will need to divide your team into teams of four to six people each with questions that require head-to-head competition. The team who answers more questions correctly within a designated time period wins! Each question should have at least three multiple choice answers so that no answer is obvious or correct without considering other options. It can be conducted online by using software like Sendsteps. Questions will be asked online and participants can answer these questions with a device (a laptop or smartphone).

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A live quiz during the opening phase of an all hands meeting is a great way to shake up things, add excitement, and ensure that you are always reaching for new ways of engaging your employees. This is also a great way to start fresh and get everyone excited about what's coming next. Using online software like Sendsteps is a great tool! Try this at your next all hands meeting!

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