Interactive Quizzes to Make the Classroom More Fun

Quizzes are an excellent way to make your classroom more engaging and increase student engagement levels. Here are some reasons why you should consider using interactive quizzes more often in your classroom and tips on how to do it well.

Interactive quizzes in classrooms

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A quiz is a tool that can help you measure your students’ understanding of course material. Ideally, quizzes are not just an assessment tool; they should also be an educational experience. Interactive quizzes offer ways to enhance student engagement and promote additional learning opportunities, even after a quiz has been taken. Since a variety of interactive technologies are available, why not choose those that make lessons fun? You can incorporate interactive quizzing into any subject area—from basic skills to complex concepts.

Benefits of creating interactive content

Interactive quizzes will engage students and help them remember content more easily. If you’re looking to really jazz up your classroom with interactive fun, consider using a tool like Sendsteps to create simple and engaging quizzes that will keep your students coming back for more.

Interactive content has been proven to make lessons more fun and interesting. And that’s no accident. Interactive quizzes, tests, and surveys don’t just entertain students—they engage them, allowing them to actively participate in their own learning process. It’s an effective way to teach students how to learn, not just what to learn.


How to use them effectively


Teachers are always looking for new and exciting ways to engage their students and keep them interested. Interactive quizzes have gained a lot of popularity over recent years as more teachers are seeing positive results from using them. However, many teachers have not yet taken full advantage of interactive quizzing or are still not convinced that they should incorporate it into their teaching methods. In order to have an interactive classroom, it’s important to engage students and make them think. Sendsteps can help with both of these things by keeping students on their toes and providing a fun outlet for learning. Sendsteps gives insights into what content their students understand and where they need help.

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Robert Daverschot

Robert is a professional moderator, presenter and speaker coach. Robert has years of experience at home and abroad and works for a broad range of industries. He has interviewed ministers, captains of industry and even His Holiness the Dalai Lama. In his dealings with the audience, he always uses Sendsteps. With it, an audience is able to voice their opinions, whereby attendees can cast votes or send in comments to speakers and panels on stage. As such, events turn into lively dialogues with everyone being able to speak up!